April 15, 2024


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7 Tips for Traveling Solo, Single Must Know

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Currently solo traveling or traveling alone is increasingly in demand by the millennial generation. Many think that by traveling alone, they can get to know themselves better.

Traveling alone also means getting out of your comfort zone, seeking new experiences, and expanding your relationships with people you find on your trip.

Site tour SmarterTravel summarizes seven tips for those of you who want to travel alone, as follows:

1. Put safety first

One piece of advice that solo adventurers often get is to stay at backpacker hotels, which offer a more communal space. But in some cases you must attach importance to your safety.

Stay at a hotel if you feel unsafe, hotels also provide more comfortable services than hostels.

2. Don’t forget to bring enough money

With all the sophistication of technology, now bringing money or not is no longer a problem. However, when traveling alone, carrying enough money is something that must be done.

This is because when you are alone and in an emergency, it is difficult to ask other people for help with money. Tuck several bills in separate places in case of emergency problems such as pickpocketing or missing your wallet.

3. Enjoy your own time

Focus on yourself, making new relationships is okay as long as you don’t need to focus too much on making friends during the trip. Take the time to get to know yourself on this trip.

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4. Don’t forget to make a reservation

Queuing up in long lines is the worst nightmare of all tourists. Moreover, if you have to go through this process alone. Therefore, make a reservation in advance if you want to visit a place.

5. Set travel time

Another great benefit of traveling alone is that you set the pace and schedule yourself. You decide when to wake up, eat, sleep, and do activities.

Your time is yours, make sure you time the trip appropriately so you don’t miss the things that have been booked.

6. Don’t over schedule

Scheduled trips are good for optimizing your vacation. But for solo travelers, schedules that are too busy can actually torture you. The art of traveling alone is to enjoy travel and time.

7. Having a friend on the trip does not mean being a traveling partner

If meeting some fun people during your trip doesn’t mean you end up traveling with them. You can still do some tourist visits by yourself.

Especially those related to your special interests that not everyone can like. Like reading books in libraries, spiritual tours, and so on.