December 4, 2023


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3 reasons people like to travel to Bali, can see sunset and sunrise – Bali has long been known as a tourism area in Indonesia. The natural beauty and cultural diversity are the main attraction for tourists to visit.

Talking about tourism in Bali will never end.

Then what makes people or tourists choose Bali as a place to travel?

Two tour leader from Avia Tour, Sherly and Sonny, shared the reasons why people often travel to Bali.

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They both agreed to say that Bali has all the things people want for travel.

“Everyone already knows Bali, the beaches are beautiful, the mountains are no less interesting. The culture is also different and unique,” Sonny said in a Live Instagram Travel Talk event with the theme “Tips for Holidays to Bali During the New Normal Era” Tuesday. (28/7/2020).

“Anyway worth it really for tourism, that’s why it becomes a magnet for tourists, “he continued.

View of Mount Batur in Kintamani, Bali. Shutterstock illustration View of Mount Batur in Kintamani, Bali.

Beaches and mountains that have viewing spots sunrise and sunset

He said tourists who come to Bali want to find things that are different from places that have been visited before.

For example, he said, all beaches and mountains in Bali, each of them has its own characteristics. This is the first reason why people visit Bali.

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“For example, to relax, you can go to Kuta beach, while looking sunset or the sun goes down. It’s perfect for families. If that mountain can go to Mount Batur, look sunriseher, “said Sonny.

Because Bali is considered to have unique and different things which have become its characteristics, he said, tourists do not think much about choosing Bali as a tourist destination.

Penglipuran Village Festival (PVF) 2019, Penglipuran Village, Bangli, Bali.Dock. Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Penglipuran Village Festival (PVF) 2019, Penglipuran Village, Bangli, Bali.

Can cultural tourism to Penglipuran Village

In addition to natural beauty, Bali is also strong in customs or culture side by side with tourism.

Sherly gave an example of tourists who have an interest in culture, usually choosing Bali as a cultural tourism destination. One of the goals is Penglipuran Village.

“There are so many tourist villages there. The most famous is Penglipuran Village, tourists want to know what culture in Bali is like, the lives of Balinese people can be seen if they visit Penglipuran Village,” he said.

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Penglipuran Village is known as a pioneer in the form of tourist villages in Indonesia. This village had received the Kalpataru award.

His latest award, Penglipuran, is included Sustainable Destinations Top 100 versions of the Green Destinations Foundation, last December 2019.

Not surprisingly, Penglipuran Village is one of the tourist villages in Bali which is on the list of tourist attractions that must be visited.

Not only Penglipuran Village, the tourism village which was also included in the award was Pemuteran Village.

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Dine at Pak Man's Betutu Chicken Restaurant, Tuban, Bali, Friday (18/3/2016).  Dishes in the form of chicken betutu, satay lilit, and plecing kale.KOMPAS.COM/AMANDA VANIA Dine at Pak Man’s Betutu Chicken Restaurant, Tuban, Bali, Friday (18/3/2016). Dishes in the form of chicken betutu, satay lilit, and plecing kale.

Bali is also a culinary tourism spot

Apart from its natural beauty and attractive culture, Bali is also a storehouse for culinary tours. This was conveyed by Sonny.

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According to him, tourists who come to Bali are not only looking for natural beauty and culture, but also culinary delights.

“Now people tend to look for culinary delights in Bali. Why? Because culinary in Bali is different from other tourist areas. For example, satay lilit, Nasi Jinggo, now it can enter the tongue of all tourists, both domestic and foreign,” he explained.

If you go to Bali, people will not be difficult to find these foods. Tourists only need to look for a Balinese restaurant or restaurant to be able to eat these Balinese menus.

If you want to visit, obey health protocols by wearing a mask, keep a minimum distance of one meter, use a hand sanitizer and wash your hands diligently, and make sure your normal body temperature is below 37.3 degrees Celsius.