May 23, 2024


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Info and Travel Tips to Bandung in the New Adaptation Period

Bandung travel rules in July 2020

For those who miss traveling to Bandung, in July 2020 many tourist attractions have been opened and a lot of relaxation has begun to be implemented, of course by maintaining health protocols. From the team interaction on the IG account @ tour_bandung, there are still many questions from netizens who want to travel to Bandung. This is mainly related to restrictions on tourist attractions to allow tourists outside West Java to travel to Bandung.

So, to answer various questions from travelers traveling to Bandung, here are information and tips if you want to travel to Bandung in July 2020 as well as the months ahead:

1. Tourists outside West Java are allowed to travel to Bandung
A number of tourist objects in Bandung, such as Lembang, starting on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, have received tourist visits from outside West Java. This is different from the previous case where there was a vehicle number plate checking to checking KTP. Apart from adhering to standard health protocols, managers of tourist objects must comply with the rules. Visitors under 3 years of age and seniors aged 60 years and over are not allowed to enter. Another rule, the capacity of tourist attractions is only allowed a maximum of 50%.

2. Tourists adhere to health protocols
These are guys who must be obeyed during a trip to Bandung. You must be disciplined in applying health protocols. Among them, you can’t crowd and always wear a mask. They also must meet import regulations whether they are brand new or second-hand motorcycles or cars, with respect to fuming and air pollution. For information too, starting July 23, 2020, the police under the West Java Regional Police will also hold Operation Patuh Lodaya.

One of the targets being monitored is that every car or motorcycle rider must wear a mask. Although the focus is on monitoring the implementation of health protocols, the police will still take action in the form of a ticket if certain types of violations are found.

3. There are tariff increases at some tourist attractions
Natural tourist attractions in Ciwidey, Lembang, and Pangalengan are already open and can be visited by tourists from outside West Java. However, to limit the number of visits so as not to increase, some tourist attractions have increased ticket prices by up to 30%.

4. Park tours in the city of Bandung
For those who want to visit a park in Bandung, please be patient first. Until now, thematic parks in Bandung have not been opened. Parks in the city of Bandung are still closed and have banners reading that the parks are still closed. This is because there is no instruction from the mayor for the opening of the park.

However, the City Parks Department of Bandung is making various preparations for the reopening of this park. This preparation has been made so that later the opening of the park can be fast and in accordance with health rules or protocols. Other public areas that have not yet opened are entertainment venues such as karaoke and cinemas.

5. Tour the pool
For tours the swimming pool is already opened. Several swimming pool attractions such as Karang Setra Waterland, Panghegar Waterboom, and Tektona Waterpark in South Bandung are operating as usual. But still follow the health protocol in place.

6. Camping tours
Most of the camping tourism spots in Bandung are already operating, such as in Cai Rancaupas Village, Mount Puntang, Gunung Putri, and other camping groun locations. However, there are also some that have not been opened, such as the Puncak Bintang tour, Cimenyan. Where a new visit can be until sunset.

7. Online transportation services
Starting Thursday, July 16 2020, the online transportation service Grab Bike in Bandung can be accessed again, aka it can return to transport passengers. Drivers are required to comply with and prioritize health protocols by bringing masks, hand sanitizers, and washing helmets and attributes regularly to minimize the risk of spreading Corona. As for passengers, it is advisable to bring their own helmet and wear a mask.

8. Bandros Bandung Bus Service
During the New Habit Adaptation, Bandros buses operate every day from 08.00 – 16.00 WIB at Alun Alun and opposite the Geology Museum. The ticket price is IDR 20,000.

9. Malls have been opened
Shopping centers and malls in Bandung have reopened last June. However, managers and visitors must comply with health protocols, such as the maximum number of visitors is only 30 percent of capacity. Then, the obligation to use a mask, hand sanitizer to follow the rules so as not to enter the mall if the body temperature is above 37.5 Celsius. Public facilities are also limited, for example using escalators, elevators, to prayer rooms and seats.

10. Closing roads
During the New Habit Adaptation (AKB) period, a number of roads in Bandung were closed. This road closure is carried out every night starting at 21.00 WIB, until 06.00 WIB the next day.

The opening and closing locations are enforced at Jln. Oto Iskandar Dinata (Otista), Jln. Braga, Jln. Merdeka, Jln. Asia Afrika-Tamblong, Jln. Banceuy-ABC, Jln. Lembong-Tamblong, Jln. Ir.H. Djuanda (Dago), Jln. Purnawarman, Jln. Diponegoro, and a number of waypoints on Jln. South Rim. And the closure of a number of roads in Bandung at this time will not be stopped in the near future by the Bandung Police.