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Travel Tips in 2020

Jakarta: Traveling to spend vacation time can make the mind more fresh or as refreshing. To make your trip satisfying, you should know some tips for traveling in this new decade.

One of them is determining the right time to travel. The beginning of the year can be your reference. This is because the start of the year provides travelers with the perfect opportunity to change the way they see the world and embrace new travel trends.

“As we enter the new decade, we will see the travel industry responding to curious and technologically advanced travelers, through developing products, services and functions that make it easier for everyone to understand the world,” said Arjan Dijk, senior vice president. and chief marketing officer, quoted from Elle.

After all, there is an influence on technological developments and a growing social awareness of how our travel habits affect the world. It has never been more important to align how we plan travel abroad with an increased sense of responsibility.

Next, immediately determine which tourist destinations to explore. Whether you choose to take a trip abroad in winter or want to enjoy the sun at the last minute.

Pick your top destinations when it comes to booking vacation tickets in 2020. Then, think about how you would like to make your trip.

The solution, you can pay attention to the list of travel trends in 2020. The perfect way to fulfill all your vacation dreams and new dreams to selected tourist destinations.

On long-term trips, don’t forget to take a long break or take advantage of semester breaks or long school holidays. Vacations are believed to be the best way to spend free time.

Don’t regret it when you don’t dare to take the time to travel. Because when you retire, you will regret the limited physical movement. While on vacation, don’t forget about money saving options.

This is considering that nearly half (47 percent) of travelers worldwide plan to be more adventurous. The connection is with their travel choices once they are no longer working.

The next tip, don’t force yourself to book that destination over limit visitors. If you do this, you risk dissatisfaction while enjoying your vacation.

If you still want to travel to the locations that are talked about the most by the public, then set the right time. Namely, the time when the location was not too crowded with visitors. Likewise with culinary destinations.

In order to enjoy your meal in the restaurant atmosphere you desire, make an order or booking table first. A restaurant that has a lot of reviews on the internet will usually increase the interest of its guests.


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Cruise Ship Travel Tips You Must Know!

These travel tips will really help those of you who have dreams of trying to travel by cruise ship. Cruise ship tourism is not very popular in Indonesia. The Indonesian people are more familiar with airplane transportation or four-wheeled vehicles long distance travel. Therefore, many Indonesians are confused and do not know how to be able to travel by cruise ship.

Cruise travel tips will be a topic that Bob will discuss on this occasion to answer your curiosity about cruise ships. In fact, cruise ship tours are quite popular and in demand in several other countries. Several Hollywood films often use cruise ship backgrounds in their filming. One of the famous and legendary films set on a cruise ship is the film Titanic.


Did you know that there are several advantages to traveling on a cruise ship over other forms of transportation? Cruise ships are often used as travel tips to visit small islands that are not reached by airplanes and also stop at beautiful beaches away from the city crowd. Several cruise ship companies offer cruise ship tour packages, one of which is to Jakarta.

In general, this cruise ship tour package consists of airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and cruise ship fees. Some cruise ship companies usually offer travel times ranging from 3 days to over 1 month. One such cruise ship travel package route cruise Singapore – Jakarta only takes about 2 days 3 nights trip. Bob will discuss information about travel tips on a cruise ship as follows!

Cruise Travel Tips: Read Information Well

The first cruise tip for you to do is study the cruise ship package of your choice. If this is your first chance to travel on a cruise ship, Bob highly recommends that you frequent browsing on the internet to find out the conditions of your chosen cruise ship. The room positions on a cruise ship will generally be divided into even and odd.

Cruise travel tips start with knowing that generally the right side of the ship is an odd numbered room and vice versa. This information is important for you to know because many people get lost when leaving the room and are confused when they want to return to the room.

Travel tips with the next cruise ship is to do passenger drill on the first day before the ship sailedassenger drillthis is a mandatory rule that you must follow. P.assenger drill iThis contains several commands and information that will be conveyed over the loudspeaker such as information about numbers life boat you.

This is conveyed so that you know where to go when passenger drill take place. No need to worry about confusion because there will be many crew member who will help you. That way you will know more about the cruise ship you are riding on.

Cruise Travel Tips: Beware of seasickness

Tips for traveling with the next cruise ship are that you must understand that this tour is indeed different. Unlike traveling by land and via air, traveling on a cruise ship has its own challenges. In fact you will be at sea for several days before reaching port certain. If you are someone who tends to get motion sickness a lot when traveling far, then you must be aware of the possibility of seasickness.

But you don’t need to worry too much because cruise ship management in general has provided hangover drugs or sea ​​sick pill to anticipate this situation. Travel tips on cruise ships that you must remember are to always keep your body fit and don’t eat late and have enough rest.

When you feel nauseous and tired of being on a cruise ship, remember that you have the opportunity to stop in several countries on the way. This privilege of stopping in several countries is one of the things that cruise ship tours offer and that other tours don’t.

Cruise Ship Travel Tips: Prepare Clothes

Travel tips with the next cruise ship are about the readiness of the clothes you will bring and wear. Given that you will spend quite a long time during your tour, you will change your clothes quite often every day. To minimize the amount of clothes you carry, usually most cruise ship passengers change their clothes at least twice a day. Divided into different clothes for the day and night.

Some cruises provide facilities for washing clothes that you can take advantage of. Therefore, travel tips on a cruise ship that you can apply is to bring clothing fragrances. You can also bring a small fragrant detergent to wash in the sink if absolutely necessary. If you choose a cruise ship that sails in cold weather like Alaska, make sure to bring warm clothes or sweater a little bit more.

The next cruise ship travel tip is to prepare a formal outfit for dinner if you want to try a luxurious dinner experience on a cruise ship. Choose clothes that have polyester, rayon, and spandex knit fabrics so that your clothes won’t wrinkle easily and don’t take up much space in your suitcase. The next travel tip is to choose clothes that are easy to fold and comfortable to wear.

travel tips

Cruise Ship Travel Tips: Bring Items You Can Bring Yourself

Don’t let you find it difficult to carry a lot of your luggage. You can make your life easier while traveling on a cruise ship by limiting your baggage. Just bring one suitcase and one carrying bag, so that your trip is easier. This will certainly reduce flight costs and reduce the possibility of losing luggage. Your cabin will also look tidier when you don’t carry too many suitcases and bags.

Have you answered your curiosity about travel tips on cruise ships? Hopefully these travel tips on cruise ships are useful and help you draw up vacation plans you well and mature. If your budget is not sufficient to be able to try the experience of traveling on a cruise ship, you don’t need to be sad. Travel tips that you can try to apply is to do staycation in a comfortable and charming inn!

Bobobox is one of the unique inns that is present in several cities in Indonesia. This capsule concept hotel offers you an exciting and unforgettable stay experience. You don’t need to worry because Bobobox is priced at an affordable price. You can also get the opportunity to stay at a promo price that you can get at Bobobox application. Come on, download the application at smartphone you right now!

old town bobobox bathroom
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Safe Tourism With 10 Tips

10 Safe Tips When Traveling – When you want to go on vacation or when the holiday season has arrived, this is the right time and event for everyone, either individually or as a family to release boredom and boredom in daily habits. The guide before you travel is actually just a simple guide before you travel to a tourist attraction or a guide before you go to a tourist attraction. This guide can be used before you get there tourism site out of town or anywhere else in the tourist attraction you want. But maybe some of the following tips will be useful even if you are only traveling within the city. Before you leave for a tour, there are many main points that you need to pay attention to so that your tour can be maximized and in accordance with what you want when traveling.
travel tips

Travel Tips
  1. The first thing you have to do is determine where the right tourist destination is with what you want, if you are traveling with your family, it is better if the destination of these tourist attractions is decided together so that you have more careful preparation and of course it can be enjoyed by all. your family members.
  2. Before leaving for the tourist attractions that you or your whole family want, it would be nice if you collect information and references to the agreed tourist destinations, this is to make it easier for you later when you arrive at the tourist location you are going to. This information and references may include information on hotels closest to your place of travel, important telephone numbers, maps or travel agents that match your financial budget. If it is necessary, you can use tour packages, and be clear when choosing one. Or you can do culinary tour, to find delicious food places according to your personal and family tastes.
  3. Safeguard all important documents belonging to you or your family, for example travel documents for travel such as tickets, proof of reservation, credit cards, including other important documents that you will leave for the trip such as diplomas, certificates of house and land and documents that you think are important for you to save, this aims to avoid things that you don’t want later, especially when you travel to tourist attractions and leave your house unoccupied, unless you have a housekeeper who watches over the house.
  4. You should avoid carrying excessive items, especially jewelry and cash. just for precaution, bring the items you need for the trip because it doesn’t rule out things that you don’t want to happen. Always be alert before anything is necessary.
  5. Bring some light medicine that you might hug when you are at the tourist destination you are going to, just to make sure you don’t have to bother looking for medicine while at a tourist destination.
  6. Make sure the stove in your kitchen is off when the house is abandoned. Putting out unnecessary electricity and turning on house lights only as needed.
  7. If necessary, maybe it is better to inform and leave the house you left behind to your closest neighbors or relatives.
  8. Don’t be lulled by the various lure of cheap tourist prices. It’s good, if you pay attention to the match between the price and the facilities that you will get at a tourist destination. Also pay attention to the entire contents of the tour package that you are going to buy.
  9. Keep your body fit before leaving for a tour. For example, by sleeping regularly, eating regularly and living a healthy lifestyle, health before traveling is important because you will not be able to have fun at the tourist spot if your body condition is lethargic and it is too much for her to go on a tour.
  10. Be happy when before, on a trip or after arriving at a tourist spot, joking with your family or the people you invite to travel is needed so that you don’t get bored and don’t get sluggish when traveling, so you can stay excited.
Those are 10 safe tips when traveling so that you are always safe, especially when you are traveling. And hopefully this guide can be useful for those of you who want to travel. Admin recommends that you read other tips as well which will certainly be useful for you, for more details, please see here.

Thank you for reading this article about travel tips. If this article is useful please share, thank you.

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Government Builds Public Trust to Return to Travel, Jakarta – The government is pushing for sector revival tourism previously very depressed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One way is to encourage local tourists to visit tourist attractions while still prioritizing health protocols.

Local tourism I guess that’s number one the second to be domestic tourism our focus remains in the country, our strategy is to build, “said Acting Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Frans Teguh, in a virtual discussion in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/7/2020).

He said that so far the government was restoring trust in the community to return travel. So it is hoped that in the future there will be a movement of domestic tourism.

“I think that is the focus of the government’s strategy in the near future up to 2 years, but while we are running, we will certainly see opportunities or potential to rebuild international market,” he said.

Not just being silent. While pushing tourism locally, the government is also looking for ways to attract foreign tourists. Various strategies continue to be intensified. One of them is the promotion of making Indonesia a preferred tourist destination.

“Here it becomes very strategic for Indonesia because we have a premium nature and culture so that in the end it will be quality of tourism be a position for us to go forward. Our opportunities to acquire international market segments are still there but today slowdown that we talk more to focus local tourism and domestic tourism, “he said.

Reporter: Dwi Aditya Putra


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Like Camping? These are tips for staying safe and comfortable camping during an outbreak

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Actors and academics in the tourism sector predict that natural tourism will become a trend along with it new normal. Nature tourism makes it possible keep your distance and provide benefits for the related body health. Natural tourism activities such as camping are also recently in demand.

So is it true that camping is healthy and safe during a pandemic? The good news, camping is one of the safer forms of recreation today. Even so, it is not without risks.

What are the risks of camping?

Quoted from CNN Travel, four public health specialists in Michigan cited 36 activities based on their estimated risk level. They each made their own judgments and averaged the results.

On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 as the highest risk level – camping is a low-risk activity for contracting Covid-19, on a scale of 3. That’s the equivalent of playing golf and / or buying groceries at a store that follows safety protocols. In comparison, they rated playing tennis at level 1 and went to the gym and amusement park at level 8.

One of the assessment team, Dr. Matthew Sims, director of infectious disease research at Beaumont Health in Michigan, offers some tips as quoted from CNN Travel.

Sims distinguish camping from going to bars, high-risk areas that are usually cramped, crowded, and indoors. That’s a great environment for a virus like Covid-19 to spread, and it is ranked 9th on their risk scale.

“Closed areas tend to fill up with viruses from time to time.” Outdoors, on the other hand, the virus can spread more easily, Sims said. “Say someone coughs. You are not going to fill open spaces with viruses.”

Camping with family or people in the same house is much safer than with other groups. BETWEEN PHOTOS / Hendra Nurdiyansyah

Solo Traveler or Going with Family is Safer
Solo travel and outings with the family are the best ways to travel.

“Going in a larger group – that would put your risk at a bit higher,” said Sims. “It will not be as safe as going with your own family. Interaction with other people outside the people you live with increases the risk,” he said.

Families sharing a home shouldn’t have to worry about sharing space when camping. “People sharing tents are generally in touch. When a family goes camping, they are already open to each other,” he said.

He said as long as family members are not exposed to other people, camping is a safe activity. Furthermore, staying in smaller groups is safer, “Stay away from people you don’t know,” Sims says.

“If you meet a new group, say while hiking, keep your distance from them. Staying alone is safer. Making friends is fun, but don’t hike with other groups and hang out with them when taking pictures,” he exclaimed.

Cutlery and eat in a buffet way while camping is at risk of transmitting the plague when sharing with other groups or people. Source:

Things to avoid
Sims pointed out several other things that can increase the risk of contracting Covid-19:

– Singing around the campfire. “It makes more aerosol viruses. If you’re going to sing around a campfire, that’s a potential risk,” he said. So if you have a moment and just want to sing, keep your distance.
– Smoke from the campfire. It can make you cough and help spread the virus. If you have a campfire, don’t crowd it. In summer, even without a campfire the weather is still friendly.
– Food together. This can be a problem when you are camping, especially if you are going with a larger group.
“If you make a big pot of stew and everyone goes and gets from the same pot and uses the same utensils and spoons, that’s risky,” says Sims.

Avoid buffet-style situations, especially in groups outside the family. People may share “a large plate of burgers, hot dogs, or ribs. People can take the food and return it. This is risky,” he said.

Essential equipment additions.
Camping during a pandemic, your luggage will certainly increase. According to Sims, the participants in the workshop brought hand sanitizer. Make sure the cleaner contains at least 60 percent ethanol or 70 percent isopropanol, which is recommended by United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

When around a campfire exercise distance, wear a mask, and cover your mouth when coughing. Dock. Brasanda Ranch

Also, bring a mask. Even if nature has fresh air, you never know you suddenly have to go to the store. “Even if you feel like you won’t interact with anyone, bring a mask,” he said.