March 5, 2024


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Be aware of the earthquake in Turkey!!

If you are planning to visit Turkey then probably you should also know that the earthquake is the main reason and the very first cause which can stop you from planning. To visit any country you should always look upon the history of that country. Earthquake is the replanned way eruption which can occur anytime.  This guide to earthquakes in Turkey Will is mentioned in this article. You should always be prepared in your mind if something natural calamity is being occurred.

Timeline to be noted down.

When we talk about the previous earthquake and the timeline it occurred in Turkey. This guide to earthquakes in Turkey are as follows.

  • The first earthquake occurred on December 26 1939 were almost 32,000 people died.
  • Next earthquake according on December 20 1942 where almost 5000 people were killed.
  • Next on November 26, 1943, almost 4000 people were killed.
  • On March 18 1953 almost 15,000 people were killed using earthquake will stop
  • The last earthquake occurred on 23rd October 2011. Here almost 16,000 people were killed and injured.

The risk factor always lies when we talk about earthquake but the damage occurred building this risk matters a lot.

Steps to be taken

This guide to earthquakes in Turkey Will shows you the reason for various circumstances.

  • Firstly you should always stay safe when you are seeing that any type of fire extinguisher or other flashes is being occurred. You should always keep your fire extinguisher with you.
  • You should always stay in your apartment building and if any emergency occurs do take help from others.
  • When an earthquake occurs you should always maintain the decorum and gain knowledge if you are injured in it.
  • Always have a secondhand plan to demise yourself from an earthquake.
  • You can easily scan the walls and keep yourself safe Live in such a place where there is an underground place.

Earthquake is such a natural calamity that cannot be detained by any human. It is developed and denoted by nature. So it is not predictable that an earthquake is the one way you will be known for it. But in this 21st century, there is a certain instrument with the help of which you can easily get the knowledge of earthquake. Keep yourself safe and secure if you have already gained the knowledge that an earthquake is being occurred. Be safe and keep your family away from it.