February 21, 2024


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#TimeToTravel: A Gift Guide For Travellers In 2021

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From sensible and stylish to the downright essentials, this gift guide has something to suit every kind of traveller.

Travelling might have taken a backseat this year but, as lockdowns everywhere ease up and country borders open up, we are all hopeful and excited about being able to step out from the confines of our homes and see the world again. Still, wherever we will be going, travelling is going to look a little different. Our gift guide reflects just that, and is filled with excellent options to gift the ones in your life who live to travel (including yourself!) From sensible to stylish to the downright essentials, this gift guide has something to suit every kind of traveller.


The Power Duo Of Sanitisers And Wipes
While a handy pack of sanitisers and wipes have always been travel bag essentials, these have become a lifeline in current times. Add to your friend’s arsenal by gifting pocket-friendly and pretty sanitisers that they will find an excuse to whip out and use. Wipes will come in handy to clean all the common surfaces they’ll encounter while travelling.

A Luxurious Hand Cream 

When we do choose to venture out and travel in 2021, one thing is for sure – we’ll still be religiously washing our hands, pandemic or not. A nice hand cream will make an incredibly thoughtful gift so your loved ones never have dry hands while travelling.


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An Easy-to-wash Backpack For The Pragmatic And Prepared Traveller

For the one always travelling light, there is no better gift than a convenient backpack that will fit most things needed for a few days trip and clear the hand-baggage allowance as well. For bonus points, get one that is easy to clean or wash, keeping the pandemic in mind. 


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A Set Of Perky Masks To Remain Stylish And Safe While You Travel

Travelling with masks is a must, for our own safety and to adhere to COVID safety protocols. That doesn’t mean one can’t travel in style. A set of stylish handmade cloth masks are the ideal gift for the suave traveller in your life and they are eco-friendly to boot!

An Aeropress For The Traveller Who Loves To Caffeinate On The Go

Whether out in the woods on a camping trip or just shuttling between airports, the coffee fiend in your life will greatly appreciate an aeropress so they stay fully caffeinated always. This is the ideal gift for that friend who turns up their nose at airport coffee and would rather have the real stuff. Choose a compact aeropress that fits right into a handbag. and add a durable coffee mug to complete the deal.

A Functional Flask To Carry Our Favourite Drinks 

A flask or tumbler makes for a practical travel gift to make sure your beverage of choice is never out of reach. During this pandemic, it doubles up as the perfect vessel to store kaadha or lemon tea for the traveller who swears by dadi ma ke nushke.

A City Guide 

Know a special city a loved one has been meaning to visit but the pandemic spoiled their plans? A city guide makes a brilliant and considerate gift, regardless of whether your loved one is an avid reader or not. If your friend chooses to stay at home in the coming year, they can pore over the book and travel vicariously through it. If they do decide to step out, the guide makes an excellent companion to travel with and refer to!

A Funky Trolley Cover For Luggage To Keep It Fun And Safe 

Our trolleys go through a mighty lot – they are shoved about, poked around, and suffer a great deal of bumps exchanging hands and conveyor belts. A snug trolley cover performs double duty by protecting your precious luggage and by adding some personality to an otherwise drab piece of baggage. The cover ensures you spot your trolley on the conveyor belt from miles away and you can slip it right off to wash when dusty.

A Pair Of Sturdy Shoes For All The Socially-Distanced Hikes We’ll Be Doing In 2021

2020 was the year we became one with nature, truly. As restrictions on indoor gatherings were placed, we skipped crowded cities and instead chose to head into the great outdoors to travel in socially-distanced and safe groups (or alone!). Who’s to say the trend isn’t here to stay? Hiking and trekking can be challenging but a good pair of shoes does half the work. Gifting a loved one long-lasting hiking shoes is a great idea; so their feet will thank you when they go conquering new trails and discovering new places in the coming year.

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Packing Cubes For The One Who Likes To Stay Organised

The last item on our gift guide is a lifesaver for those who never seem to have enough luggage space. The solution to an overflowing carry-on that refuses to shut lies in nifty packing cubes – organise your belongings according to need and type and you’ll never overpack. The best part is that they help to keep your suitcase neatly packed and organised even once at your destination. The self proclaimed pro-packer in your life is sure to appreciate the gift and the others will love the ease and extra help!

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