September 23, 2023


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The Rugged Northern Wilds of Kenya

If you have been to Kenya, that’s fine, but there is still more apart from the regular Big-Five safari craze. Mainly the remote and sometimes hard-to-reach attractions of the North Rift. The northern circuits are for the adventurous and for those seeking to explore Kenya at its most rugged.

Parks, lakes and attractions that include Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Kamnarok, Turkana’s South and Central Islands, Nasolot, Sibiloi and Marsabit see only occasional visitors. But these parks hold a particular fascination for those seeking that wild adventure and to go off the beaten track. But you need some time on hand hear, no rushing.

There are a few that need some extra mention and what it is famous for.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve is famed for its natural host springs and geysers. It is good for bird watching and has its fair share of game. Currently it is one of the best place to watch flamingoes as the there is a big concentration though some have already started to move back to lake Nakuru.

Close by, Kamnarok National Reserve is perfect for bird watching and game viewing.

South Turkana National Reserve and Nasolot are on either side of the main highway. Nasalot overlooks one of Kenya’s unique features, the immensely deep crevice of Turkwell Gorge.

The Lake Turkana National Parks – Sibiloi, Central Island – form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lake Turkana is the most northerly of the Great Rift Valley lakes.

Camel derbyis a big-time event in this region. The annual Maralal Camel Derby is the only one of its kind in Kenya. Accommodation is scarce and where it does exist, it is geared to the independent traveler.

Laikipia, the hot new destination for wilderness lovers, is fast developing into a major, but exclusive, high density game viewing area. Laikipia is also strong on bio-diversity and home to many threatened or endangered species. At the same time, it is an area where game viewing can be combined with non wildlife  activities such as ballooning, camel riding, fishing, hiking, horse riding and mountain biking.   These are areas to add to a African safari itinerary if time allows you.