November 30, 2023


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Midland’s newest fan club: Costco lovers

The long-awaited Costco is finally open in Midland, but the conversation around the big box store still circulates online.

Specifically, the Costco of Midland, MI Facebook group. Midland resident Sudie Ammerman created the fan page, bringing together Costco lovers from all over the region. She said she was inspired to make the group by her childhood classmate, who was also an avid Costco fan and made a fan page for her community.

The Facebook page acts as a platform for shoppers to share Costco experiences and talk about products.

So, with help from Ammerman, the Daily News picked the brains of a few longtime Costco shoppers to understand why they love the store and what advice they have for other shoppers.

Robert Spears, Midland resident

Q: How long have you held a Costco membership?

We’ve shopped at Costco for probably over 20 years but the membership that we got – we have a condo in Seattle, so the original Costco store is about five miles from where our condo is. So, our membership was acquired through the original store on 4th avenue in Seattle.

Q: How often do you shop at Costco?

I’ve shopped at a number of the stores. The one down in Brighton was the closest one. It was very infrequent – there was only a few times I made a concerted effort but, in several cases, I have bought a lot of canvas prints, large canvas prints because in my photography business, I use the Costco photo department. And if you pick up the stuff in store, you don’t have to pay any of the shipping charges … I typically wouldn’t run all the way down to Brighton just to pick up a couple things.

Q: Why do you love Costco?

There’s a number of things that I love from Costco … I love their roasted chickens. When I’m here in Midland, I live by myself and I can buy one of those and make four or five meals off of it. Because I’ll have two or three dinners from it and then throw it in the Crockpot and make a big Crockpot full and then freeze some of it that will last me five or six servings. The roasted chickens are one of my favorites – the value of it you can’t beat for $4.99, which is always what it’s been.

I’ve bought a lot of electronic stuff from them over the years, since I’m a photographer – flash cards, external hard drives.

They have an exceptional jewelry department as well.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Costco?

The thing I love the most is their customer service … the quality of the people they have is exceptional and the customer service is always exceptional. Even at peak shopping periods where you might have tons and tons of people in there, they’ll have enough checkout counters open that you never have to wait in line.

Q: What’s your best Costco shopping advice?

If you do any travel at all, their travel department is exceptional and their car rentals … the car rental through Costco has always saved me a ton of money.

Lucy Root, Harrison resident

Q: How long have you held a Costco membership?

I’ve had a Costco membership since Costco came to Michigan in the Detroit metro area.

Q: How often do you shop at Costco?

I’m in Costco no less than once a month. I’m in Midland often. I’ve had Sam’s Club (memberships) and by far Costco is better quality; better selection; brighter, cleaner and staffed better.

Q: Why do you love Costco?

Pretty much I covered that in question three; however, the Midland store blew me away. I went opening weekend thinking “my lord you’re crazy.” But it was very easy to maneuver. The lines for checkout ran smooth. That was amazing. The employees were more than helpful and cheerful.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Costco?

I love Costco meat. I love the snack selection. The bakery, oh man, I’d love to take that all home! The cakes; the pumpkin pie.

Q: What’s your best Costco shopping advice?

Go your first time with a list and stick to your list. Wander through and take notes on things you’d like to have. Just make sure that they aren’t a seasonal or discontinued item. If that’s the case, then you want to purchase them. But it’s very easy to over spend because the selection is so amazing.

Rose Martin, Auburn/William Township resident

Q: How long have you held a membership?

We got a Costco membership shortly after we were married in 1989. We lived in San Diego, California then and shopped at our local ones.

Q: How often do you shop at Costco?

Since moving to this area, we would go to Auburn Hills Costco three to four times a year. We also have been to Traverse City and Lansing one time each.

Q: Why do you love Costco?

I love everything about Costco – most of my favorite foods and personal care items are carried by them. Their Kirkland items are great quality and price.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Costco?

My favorite thing about Costco is the huge variety of items and the fun and interesting things you find each time you go!

Q: What’s your best advice for shopping at Costco?

Best advice is to wear comfortable shoes, take a loop through to see everything and then go back through again slowly. One thing I never seem to learn is that I have a finite amount of freezer and storage space in my home!

Kim Janeczko, Midland resident

How long have you held a Costco membership?

Since early 2016.

Q: How often do you shop at Costco (and which stores)?

We would shop every other week – Auburn Hills, Brighton, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Bloomfield Hills, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sylvania, Ohio, Chicago suburbs. I think we have been to every store in Michigan.

Q: Why do you love Costco?

Quality and variety of food and products. Good deals on rental cars.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Costco?

Friendly staff at every location and the credit card program (rewards/warranty).

Q: What’s your best Costco shopping advice?

Research the products and prices. Sometimes you will see something you like and when you return, it may be gone and they won’t get it back in stock.