June 13, 2024


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Google Mobility scientific studies coronavirus vacation across Winchester

IT DOES not choose a genius to know that there has been significantly considerably less movement throughout the district in the course of the pandemic.

But Google has researched just how limited people have been owing to coronavirus.

The adhering to stats have been recorded among November 29 2020 and December 10 2021.

All percentages exhibit the variation from a ‘baseline’, which is the average motion calculated from previous years.

On common, there has been 78 per cent considerably less travelling for retail and recreation 29 for every cent fewer motion for supermarket and pharmacy journeys 23 for every cent significantly less use of parks 67 for each cent much less use of general public transportation 27 for each cent considerably less commuting to workplaces and 13 for every cent more travelling to household spots.

Winchester’s data generally fit in with the county-wide picture.

For the total of Hampshire, there has been 29 for every cent less motion for supermarket and pharmacy excursions 63 per cent fewer use of community transportation 32 for each cent less commuting to workplaces and 12 for every cent extra travelling to residential regions.

The district’s stats change in two groups, with Hampshire observing no improve in the use of parks and 68 per cent much less travelling for retail and recreation.