April 15, 2024


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Essential Caravan Accessories to Bring on Adventures

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The accessories you furnish your caravan with are what make it your home. Caravan accessories determine the nature of your caravanning vacations, so they must always be in functioning order. While every caravan owner prefers caravan accessories, several can be found in every modern caravan. Here are some of the most significant caravan accessories to look for when travelling.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is one of the essential parts of your caravan accessories. Because the safety of your caravan, its travelers, and its accessories depends on a working fire extinguisher, you must inspect it before each trip. The fire extinguisher must be firmly placed and in good working order.

In addition, look for the last service date on the extinguisher’s body. Contact your service provider if it is nearing – or has been more than – five years from the current date. While at it, ensure your smoke alarm is working, and your first-aid kit is well-packed.

Compact UHF Radio

When it comes to caravan accessories, a UHF radio is essential, and the smaller, the better. You can use it to interact with other drivers, learn about traffic conditions in your region, and even converse with each other while one of you is parking. It’s also important for safety if you’re going off-road. 

The 5 Watt TX3510S is a popular choice since it is dependable, simple to install, and includes a variety of extra features like digital signal processing, intelligent signal management, and dynamic volume adjustment.


During your caravanning vacations, your caravan’s battery powers all of your appliances, devices, and power-consuming knickknacks. If you’re storing your caravan for an extended period, detach the batteries and bring it to a dry, accessible location (like your garage) where it can be charged every few weeks. Before going on a caravan trip, make sure the battery is completely charged. If you charge it and it looks dead, take it to a service center to be inspected for leaks or other damage, as a replacement may be needed.

USB Charger

Bringing electronic devices along on vacation in a caravan is usual, whether smartphones to keep us connected or tablets to keep the children occupied. But your technology is only useful if you have a method to charge it, and a charger with a USB connector is the way to go.

Caravan Cover

Caravan sales Perth covers will protect your car from the elements such as tree saps, rain, mud, and UV rays, and while they are a great concept, you must ensure that you get the correct size and material, or they will be difficult to put on or ineffective. 

Make sure that the cover is waterproof and breathable so that moisture does not build inside the vehicle and it is protected from severe rains. You must also measure the length of your camper from front to back to ensure proper sizing.

Water Tanks

Caravan water tanks must be cleaned entirely between travels, especially those storing drinking water. Drain your water container, clean it, and let it dry fully before storing your caravan. This will prevent the production of mould. In reality, all water-containing systems (hot water system tanks, for example) must be exposed to this test on a regular basis.

Portable Toilet

Regular cleaning and draining of cassette toilets are required. Check that the right chemicals are being used in the flush and waste tanks. Another crucial step is to evaluate, clean, and lubricate all of the seals in the cassette, as well as the valve blade that separates the toilet from the waste tank beneath it.

Moreover, avoid using petroleum jelly and instead use a silicone lubricant. If you’re storing your caravan for an extended period, leave the valve half-open to avoid getting stuck in the closed position.

Portable Camp Torch

A portable camp torch is great for your next caravan trip because it can be used both outside and inside the vehicle. You can obtain a magnetic camp torch that is powered by magnets that need to be set up, or you can get a regular camp torch that runs on batteries.


While caravan refrigerators don’t require much care in general, they do require cleaning from time to time and thoroughly cleaning the inside of an icebox, freezer, or refrigerator. Keep the refrigerator door ajar and a dehumidifier inside the caravan when storing it to avoid mould formation or stench build-up. Before your next vacation, check your refrigerator’s door seal for any cracks or gaps.

In Summary

The most efficient way to prepare for your caravan vacation is to make sure you have everything you need. Make your next vacation the greatest with everything from practical camping supplies to must-have caravan accessories. Remember to bring all of your appliances, gadgets, and devices with you on your next journey!