June 13, 2024


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Digital nomad starter kit: 11 essentials for remote workers on the open road

From foldable keyboards and portable monitors to an electronics organizer and a fanny pack, here are 11 travel and work essentials to keep telecommuters online and on itinerary.

In the age of remote work at scale, professionals can theoretically work from virtually anywhere. This increased mobility has led to the rise of Zoom Towns, and a number of hotels are offering workcation packages to appeal to these roving digital nomads. Tuning in from the open road comes with no shortage of logistical or technical challenges, and there are myriad products crafted with work and travel in mind.

Many remote workers have their preferred laptop, but what about a foldable keyboard or a portable monitor to readily tow the office along on that next adventure? From spacious travel bags to Wi-Fi extenders, here are 11 digital nomad travel essentials to keep telecommuters online and on itinerary from the open road.


Image: TIMBUK2

The TIMBUK2 Wingman Travel Backpack Duffel touts a total volume of 38.3 liters, and the interior has enough room for multiple days of travel with myriad pockets and a large mesh compartment to keep accessories organized and in arm’s reach. The bag includes pockets to accomodate a 13-inch and 17-inch laptop; an ideal addition for people who have separate devices for work and personal use. 

A large pocket at the base of the bag easily stows an extra pair of shoes to keep these items separated from packed clothes and travel accessories. The duffel comes with a detachable strap for people who prefer to carry it as a messenger bag, a series of straps for hand-held towing and traditional backpack straps depending on a person’s preference.

$149 at TIMBUK2


Image: Amazon

Secondary monitors are a popular workstation addition, but lugging a larger monitor around isn’t the most practical option. Instead, this portable Lepow device with a 15.6-inch HD display has a total weight of 1.76 pounds for optimal portability and an included case protects the unit on the go.

$216 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Dedicated keyboards are a popular workspace addition and this portable iClever model is ideal for digital nomads. The portable Bluetooth keyboard packs a pair of hinges to fold flat, while stowed and aluminum housing adds durability to the build.

$37 at Amazon


Image: Omni Charge

Battery packs offer portable power for professionals on the go, and the Omni Ultimate includes multiple ports to charge a number of electronics including laptops and smartphones. The built-in solar panel offers off-the-grid refreshes between outlets.

$400 at Amazon


Image Cotopaxi

A functional day pack is a travel essential, and Cotopaxi’s Allpa 28L travel pack is a solid option. Unlike traditional backpacks, the bag features a “suitcase-style, full-wrap zipper.” This allows you to open the entire internal compartment to easily unpack and stow items. The pack also includes a plethora of pockets and dividers of varying sizes to keep items organized and accessible. Security zippers prevent unwanted entry, and the bag also comes with a raincover to keep the pack and stowed electronics safe in inclement weather.

$170 at Cotopaxi


Image: Amazon

Spaces with minimal outlets can be a headache for remote workers looking to charge multiple devices. A portable power strip can help traveling remote workers make the most of a less-than ideal hotel or rental property. This product easily transforms a single outlet into a recharging hub.

$20 at Amazon


Image: Fjallraven

Fanny packs have been a travel staple for decades, and these bags are ideal for workcations. Fjallraven’s high coast hip pack features three pockets, and the large main compartment includes a clip to secure keys and a mesh divider that keeps storage organized. Smaller pockets on the front and back are ideal for storing cards or other valuables. The bag is waterproof and is available in a number of colors, including shark grey, black, rowan red, navy blue, green, ochre and more.

$45 at Fjallraven


Image: Amazon

A standard backpack can easily turn into a knot of miscellaneous cables, dongles and adapters after routinely packing and unpacking the remote workstation. This Jelly Comb organizer offers internal storage, a series of elastic straps and mesh compartments to stow cables, accessories and smaller devices between uses.

$11 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Internet connectivity is a must for remote workers. However, some remote stays may feature spotty and at times lackluster Wi-Fi connections. TP-Link offers this travel-friendly product to extend connectivity range, shore up network gaps and prevent remote workers from being booted from the Zoom room.

$80 at Amazon


Image: Apple

It’s easy to misplace a set of keys or a backpack on a typical day, let alone while juggling a full travel itinerary. Apple AirTags easily attach to luggage, keyrings, backpacks and more to help people locate “missing” items in hurry.

$29 at Apple


Image: Amazon

Lap desks allow professionals to readily work from a number of environments around the home or even outdoors for those so inclined. This particular model accommodates standard laptop models and features a dedicated recessed mousepad and nooks to keep smart devices and miscellaneous items front and center during use.

$40 at Amazon