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Best laptop backpacks and bags

If you splash out for a new laptop, making sure you have a safe way to carry it is a good way to ensure it lasts. Sleeves and messenger bags are fine, but using one of the best laptop backpacks is not only convenient, but more comfortable to carry. You can typically fit more inside them too, making them a great solution to protect your laptop’s accessories as well.

There are bags for all kinds of laptops and users, too. Whether you want the best laptop backpack for a big 17-inch gaming laptop, something more budget friendly, or want one specifically designed airport travel, there are plenty of options to pick from. Here are some of the best laptop backpacks you can buy in 2021.

Best Gaming Laptop Backpack

Razer Rogue

Gaming backpacks are designed to not only hold your laptop, but all of the accessories they you need to go with it, and the Razer Rogue is a perfect vehicle for such a collection. It can protect laptops up to 17.3 inches in size (including the Razer Blade Pro), as well as smaller keyboards and a mouse, and if your headset folds away into a travel-friendly shape, that too.

The whole bag is water resistant to help avoid any component damage if you get caught in the rain, and has a TPU-padded, scratch-proof interior to make sure that no dust or dirt causes any cosmetic damage to your favorite electronics. The back of the backpack has a breathable, mesh-covered foam that’s both comfortable to wear and helps keep you cool, and the shoulder straps are reinforced for strength and comfort—Razer knows that those gaming laptops can get a little on the heavy side.

Best Laptop Backpack For Men

The Ridge Commuter

Throw out the idea that you need a backpack for men because you’re a man and think about the kind of backpacks that companies think men want. Function over form and an understated style are the norm, and if that’s the kind of backpack you want, then whatever your gender, the Commuter laptop backpack from The Ridge will be perfect for you.

Its stylish looks make it viable for professional and pleasure settings, and the nylon weatherproof coating with aqua guard zippers, means that your laptop and anything else you fit inside will be well protected against the elements. It offers solid physical protection for your laptop too, but isn’t bulky or heavy in its own right, making this a great daily driver backpack for commuting — as the name suggests. There’s even a built-in powerbank holder with an integrated exterior USB-port, so you can easily charge your devices without opening the backpack.

Best Laptop Backpack For Women

Himawari Laptop Backpack

Himawari Laptop Backpack Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port

There’s no look or feature of a backpack that makes it the best laptop backpack for women, but strong reviews by women? That’s another thing entirely. The Himawari Laptop Backpack is exceedingly popular among female travellers and with good reason.

Made from eco-friendly, waterproof canvas, the Himawari Laptop Backpack enjoys a number of large, well designed pockets for convenient access to your laptop and any other accessories you carry with you. The sturdy design means that the back will stay flat even when the bag is loaded, making it comfortable to carry and so lightweight that you’ll only be weighed down by what you put inside. There’s a concealed USB port for easy powerbank charging of your devices while on the go, and it’s available in a wide range of color configurations.

Best Leather Laptop Backpack

Frye Logan Antique Leather Backpack

FRYE Men’s Logan Antique Pull Up Backpack, Dark Brown, One Size

If you’re after a backpack with an air of sophistication, then the Frye Logan Antique Pull Up Backpack is the best laptop backpack for you. The real Italian leather has a worn and scuffed look, giving it a well travelled feel from its first use and a gorgeous feel under your finger tips.

Although not specifically designed for laptop transport in mind, it features a large internal pocket with padded lining to protect your laptop and power cable. It also features a number of exterior pockets, a sturdy carry handle and comfortable padded shoulder straps. It’s not as practical or as protective as some of the other laptop backpacks purpose built for the cause, but it does a good enough job and offers a unique look with premium material build that is hard to match.

Best 17-inch Laptop Backpack

Everki Atlas

Everki EKP121-1 Atlas Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack

Larger laptops need a little extra space, but you don’t necessarily want to pay a huge premium for it. The Everki Atlas manages to tick both those boxes, with a large internal compartment offering up to 32L of space for your laptop and accessories, at an affordable price.

The high-contrast internal lining both protects your laptop and makes it easy to find smaller objects in the various pockets and compartments. They’re all spacious and easily separated, so its a breeze to organize a range of accessories and additional electronics alongside your 17-inch laptop. The whole bag folds open to 180-degrees too, making it convenient for airport checks. The back is flat and reinforced, and there’s some extra padding in the lumbar area to help protect your back when wearing it for extended periods.

Best Budget Laptop Backpack

Kroser Laptop Backpack

You needn’t spend a lot on a laptop backpack. In fact, the Kroser laptop backpack shows that you can spend relatively little and still get a quality backpack with all sorts of excellent features. Alongside its large, padded laptop compartment, it offers a number of additional pockets and slots for your phone, cables, chargers, and other accessories, and the exterior is made from a water resistant fabric for additional environmental protection.

It even comes with a USB port for connecting to a power bank for convenient device charging, and has an RFID-blocking pocket to protect your passport, IDs and credit cards from any electronic theft. Available in 15.6 inches standardly and a slightly more expensive 17.3-inch laptop-friendly version, the Kroser Laptop Backpack is a super affordable way to protect your laptop on the move.

Best 13-inch Laptop Backpack

Bellroy Classic 2nd Edition

This compact and convenient laptop backpack features a large central compartment for storing laptops up to 15-inches (though it is best suited to a 13-inch model), includes an additional tablet or A5 document pocket, a number of accessory pockets and net holders, and a hidden vertical front pocket with key-clip for your valuables.

Shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort and the back is breathable, but not mesh, so won’t ruffle your clothes like some designs. Despite its refined size, the Bellroy Classic offers up to 20L of storage space and is made with tough materials, so should last for many years to come. If it doesn’t, you can take advantage of the near-unprecedented three year warranty to get yourself a new one.

Best Airport Friendly Laptop Backpack

Tortuga Setout

Tortuga Setout 45L Carryon Travel Backpack with 19L Daypack (Navy)

For maximum storage space in a carry-on-friendly form factor, the Tortuga Setout is a masterful piece of design, and easily the best laptop backpack for airport travellers. While you carry it like a backpack, it packs like a suitcase, with the ability to fold flat and open for easy access, whether you’re getting ready for your trip, or showing its contents to airport security. With 45L of storage space, you can fit up to a week’s worth of clothes inside, while the interior sleeves protect up to a 17-inch laptop or 9.7-inch tablet, pluss all of your associated chargers.

There’s an internal daypack that pops out should you want something smaller to take with you on outings. It has an impressive 19L capacity all of its own, and like the bag at large, features a weather resistant DWR coating to help keep your electronics safe if you get caught in the rain. The shoulder straps are padded and breathable, and backed up by a sternum strap and hip belt to transfer the weight to your hips for added comfort when wearing it for long periods.

Best 22L Laptop Bag (Sponsored)

Yeti Crossroads 22L Backpack

The Crossroads 22L is a flip-top backpack that is simple and strong. The larger opening of the backpack includes a sleeve compartment that fits most 13 and 15-inch laptops. The next time you need a drink on a hike or to grab your wallet, you won’t need to take the backpack off thanks to an interesting feature called SideHustle pockets, which allow you to reach your belongings from side access zippers without having to rummage through everything else packed inside.

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