March 5, 2024


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Airstream’s newest Flying Cloud trailer is an office on wheels


Airstream removed some bunks and added a functional office space to its newest model Flying Cloud.


Most of the country has been working from home for the better part of a year now, thanks to COVID-19, and things don’t look like they’ll be changing any time soon. For many people, this is great, and for others, it’s a struggle to find space around the house free from distractions. For that latter group, Airstream has a solution, which it announced on Tuesday.

As you might expect from Airstream, that solution is a trailer. But it’s no ordinary travel trailer. Instead, it’s been reconfigured to be the ideal mobile office space. To do that, Airstream took its Flying Cloud 30FB corner bunk model and replaced the bunk with a decently sized desk. Next to the desk is a built-in seat that would be ideal for reading.

It’s still an Airstream, so there’s a queen bed, a well-equipped kitchen and a nice bathroom along with plenty of other seating. Like some other modern Airstreams, this trailer is smart, too. It packs tons of USB ports all over and a 1,000-watt power inverter. There are also overhead cabinets with dry-erase surfaces and an actual office chair that’s secured with a strap during travel.


There are still a ton of places to sit or sleep, plus a killer kitchen and a queen size bed.


The whole thing would make a great combination backyard office-guest house. Or it could be a way to travel around (in a socially responsible and distant manner, natch) the country and always have a professional-looking office with you.

“The Flying Cloud has seen a lot of changes since it was introduced in 1949, but it’s always been a popular option for families and couples,” said Justin Humphreys, Airstream VP of sales, in a statement. “This new unit makes a small change to an already excellent floor plan, and it transforms the way you can use your Airstream. It gives you even more flexibility to get outdoors, spend time with family, and stay connected to your work. It’s the Airstream dream come true.”

Unfortunately, of the many excellent qualities that Airstream brings to the table, there is the elephant in the room — that being price. The Flying Cloud 30FB Office will set you back $107,500 before you add any options, plus you’ll need a vehicle to tow it. Luckily on the towing front, the Flying Cloud weighs under 7,000 pounds, so your tow vehicle doesn’t have to be too gnarly.

Orders are open now, and models should start arriving in dealers in the coming weeks.

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