May 29, 2023


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7 Tips for Family Vacation to Yogyakarta, Fun Guaranteed!

Yogyakarta in December is absolutely amazing and here is proof

As a City of Students, Yogyakarta point of interest has been well acknowledged by many tourists. It is suitable as a family vacation destination at the end of the year or a school holiday. And, of course, you need the best vacation tips to make it more memorable.

Bringing the family on vacation does have its own excitement, especially if you have young children who need special attention. It’s essential to make sure that the holidays’ vibe is still good.

7 Vacation Tips to Yogyakarta

There are at least seven tips that you can apply before leaving for a vacation to Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. Make sure to prepare well before departure.

  • Determine the Right Holiday Schedule

Determine in advance the vacation schedule, where all family members can participate in the holiday session.

Some of the timing options are at the end of the year because there is usually a school or office vacation policy, and you can take scheduled leave at that time.

  • Find Promo Tickets According to Departure Scheduled 

If the schedule is available, proceed with searching for travel tickets. If the distance is far and you bring children, it’s better to use air transportation only to get there quickly.

However, if you want a more exciting adventure, you can use a private vehicle. Besides being more economical, you can also stop at any location without being tied to a schedule, such as when using public transportation like buses.

  • Create Travel Route List

Don’t forget to make a travel schedule and list of places that are a priority for this vacation visit. Make sure to get input from all family members who participate, look for information from various sources such as the internet or relatives who live in the city.

  • One Suitcase for One Person

Preparation of goods, preferably done together. The rule is one suitcase for one person if the vacation duration is quite long. Each family member can be responsible for what they bring and only bring their individual needs.

  • Separate Money and Identity

To anticipate things that are not desirable, make sure you bring one or two bags that you always carry with you wherever you go. It contained cash, ATM cards, credit cards, and identities. Includes equipment such as phone chargers and emergency medicines.

  • Saving Is Important

Try to set aside all budgets during the trip, for example, lodging, transportation, and food. Don’t forget to provide an emergency backup if unexpected things happen.

For example, if you want to continue your vacation, you can always go to Nirwana Garden Resort Bintan to spend your vacation time.

  • Ensure Healthy Condition

Do a health check before leaving to make sure all family members are in a fit condition for an exciting but safe vacation.

Surely you can’t wait to explore various tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, can you? As long as you prepare it in the correct steps, of course, it will be the best vacation for you and your beloved family.