April 19, 2024


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4 Interesting Activities to Do on Sumba Island

Sumba Island is becoming more famous for its many beautiful natural attractions, rich culture and unique handicrafts. Sumba Island is such a beautiful place to explore. There are so many things that can’t be described in words.

Sumba Island has countless unique experiences, and it’s hard to mention one by one. Here are some tourist activities that can be done when you travel to the beautiful island of Sumba.

4 Activities on Sumba Island

1. Relax at We’ekuri Lagoon

We’ekuri Lagoon is one of the favorite places on the island of Sumba. This lagoon has crystal clear waters, white sand, and blue sea and is surrounded by steep cliffs. There is a small hut just before entering the lagoon area. You can relax or swim in the cool waters of the We’ekuri lagoon.

2. Visit the Megalithic Tombs of Sumba Island

Graves are an essential part of the island’s culture of death because most Sumba people believe in the afterlife. When traveling around Sumba, don’t miss out seeing the thousands of large tombstones on this island. 

The island of Sumba is sometimes referred to by archaeologists as the “Living Megalithic Culture”, one of the few cultures still active today. The giant tombs on the island are made with expensive materials. These megalithic tombstones required hundreds of people to drag from the quarry, and all that were pushed were fed by the deceased’s family, thus incurring high costs.

3. Witness an Ikat Weaving

Sumba’s textiles are among the most beautiful and intricate in Indonesia, and Sumba’s own ikat weaving is famous throughout the country. Weaving is a medium for the current generation to convey messages to future generations.

The symbolism associated with Sumba cloth can be complex, but there is no doubt that ikat weaving is a cultural product of the highest quality. Ikat is appreciated not only in Indonesia but also internationally. You can witness ikat weaving in any traditional village. The original ikat is made from natural dyes extracted from tree roots, bark and leaves of native species.

4. Visit Walakiri Beach

A beautiful beach that can be visited on Sumba Island is Walakiri Beach. This beach is famous because of its beautiful scenery, especially at sunset. Walakiri Beach itself is located in Watumbaka Village, Pandawai District, East Sumba Regency. This beach is known for its exceptional sunset views and provides a backdrop that you may rarely find on any beach.

Walakiri Beach also has a gentle contour, so it is pretty comfortable if you want to walk along the beach. You don’t need to be afraid of drowning if you want to swim because the waters are pretty shallow.

On this beach, don’t forget to enjoy the view while drinking coffee, especially if the coffee is from Toraja coffee beans, it is guaranteed that relaxing on the beach will be even more enjoyable.

You already know what to do when you go to Sumba Island, right? The beauty of this island is guaranteed to make you always fascinated.