April 19, 2024


Safe Travel USA

What hotel or resort stay looks like during Coronavirus

Even as hotels and resorts are gradually reopening for the summer travel seasons, the impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic has altered the way things are, as seen in travel agencies reviews. One of the worst-hit industries is the hospitality industry as it is no longer business as usual. From the Great Value Vacations reviews, we see that the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) introduced its safe stay guidelines at the beginning of the summer season under the close supervision of an advisory council composed of Intercontinental Hotels Group, Accor, Marriot International, Walt Disney and Omni Hotels & Resort. Currently, these health and cleaning guidelines are being adopted by thousands of Hotels and Resorts in the United States, with many surpassing the recommendations, thus attracting more customers.

If you are trying to find out if staying in a five-star hotel or resort during this coronavirus pandemic is safe, then you’re in the right place. In this place, we will show you how life is in hotels and resorts during this pandemic.

Getting to your hotel

Are you arriving at your hotel by air? Then there is every likelihood that your hotel has started cleaning the area around you before your arrival. Most hotels are increasing the frequency of airport transfers to limit the number of passengers in each vehicle in line with the COVID 19 guidelines as given by the CDC.

Courtesy of Hotel Crescent Court

If you’re arriving at your hotel via your personal car or convoy, don’t expect a royal treat from the valet team who are supposed to be waiting out as many five star hotels like the Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas have suspended such service because of the pandemic. Some others are still offering such service and disinfecting the vehicles between drivers.


When in resorts, be prepared to carry your bags and luggage all by yourself as most resorts, including Camelback Resort in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, have suspended bell service. However, guests are permitted to use bell carts, which are sanitized and observe strict COVID 19 measures as given by the CDC. Hotel employees will not be opening cars or taxis for you upon your arrival anymore.

Stepping into the lobby

You will be stopped in front of the hotel’s door for a temperature check and wellness screening as part of the COVID 19 measures. All guests are expected to use hand sanitizer, wear a facemask and comply with the social distancing policy. The handle in the front doors of resorts and hotels have been removed to prevent a touch point. Also, upon your arrival, you will be given a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Floors are marked to ensure a one-way pedestrian passage between entrances and exits.

Checking into your room

To check into your room, there is every likelihood that you’ll avoid the front desk completely. Hotels such as Rhode Island and the Way finder Hotel in Newport are providing curbside check-in while the most popular hotel chains are using digital keys, which allows you to check-in and out through your mobile phone. This entirely eliminates the need for magnetic key cards, which need to be sanitized after every usage. More and more five-star hotels and resorts are providing contactless check-in and out systems.

From the foregoing analysis, you can see that it is safe to use five-star hotels and resorts during this coronavirus pandemic as strict measures are put in place to guarantee the safety of your health.