May 29, 2023


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Vacations at Isla Mujeres: Swim with dolphins in Cancun

Dolphin Encounter - Isla Mujeres

Swimming itself scares many and when it concerns swimming with dolphins – it gives them GOOSEBUMPS. Vacations are for fun so all of us want to spend them in the best way. No one can risk their family into a dangerous activity. Before continuing the blog, do understand that swimming with dolphins in Cancun is not dangerous at all. You people might have so many other queries as well. You might be confused and not willing to even think about planning vacations for such an activity. In this blog, some of your questions are answered so you can also use the chance to swim with dolphins in Cancun

How does it feel to swim with dolphins?

Swimming with dolphins is an exciting activity that relaxes your body and mind. You can enjoy the dolphins to the fullest. Hug them, have handshakes and kisses. Swimming with dolphins in Cancun is not just fun but also an educational experience. 

Are you excited about the best experience of swimming with dolphins in Cancún? If yes, then contact Dolphin Discovery for enrollment in the swim with dolphin program.

What does swim with dolphins programs offer?

You will be taught about dolphin physiology and social nature before you are allowed to swim with them. The instructor also teaches you marine ecology and your role in serving the marine ecosystem. 

After the lessons are done, participants are introduced to the dolphins and allowed to participate in the swim programme for which they paid. The dolphin interactions are unpredictable as they have various attitude patterns. All the participants will be able to take part in the same number of interactions with the dolphins.

What is the program duration and how long is the stay in the water?

Program duration varies and on average it is 1 hrs. This time includes lessons, preparing you for the swimming session, and collecting your photographs. There are different programs offered at Dolphin discovery and thus program duration differs. If you are subscribing to ‘Dolphin Encounter’, you have 40 minutes to enjoy it. This program is available to people of all ages. For the ‘Royal Swim’ adventure program, you will have one hour. 

Swim with dolphin program

By the moment you reach the venue, you will be introduced to the trainers and the dolphins. The instructor guides you throughout the program and helps you learn new information. You will be provided life jackets, sunscreens and other accessories for a safe experience. You have one-on-one interactions with the dolphins and the instructors. You should not move deep in the water – move 12-15 feet deep only. According to the plan subscribed, the instructors will help you enjoy it. You will also be able to avail the outdoor shower facility. The photo session is planned based on your suggestions. As it is paid, so you can decide when, where and how many pictures are to be clicked. 

Take Away!

If you are a little convinced then don’t change your mind, stick to it and plan the vacation. There are many programs offered by Dolphin Discovery-Isla Mujeres. It is a fantastic place to visit and have quality time with the family.