March 5, 2024


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Traveling is Not Expensive, Read This 5 Absolute Guides

Traveling is Not Expensive. “Wow. Mostly think. Looks like less picnic, huh?”. You’re probably familiar with sentences like that on social media, right? Yes, the “less picnic” snippet is so satirical. Satire for anyone who rarely travels, both domestically and abroad. In other words, if you lack picnics, then you are less up-to-date about the world.

Traveling is Not Expensive

Is It Really Less Vacation?

You have also seen and read semiotic sentences on the “body” behind a truck or tour bus. The conviction was really intriguing, “Let’s protect the nation’s generation from the dangers of not having a picnic.” It’s really slapping for those of you who just shot themselves in the house like a kid. Yes, a picnic is an implementation for you to get to know the more full world.

I also posted on my personal Instagram account on July 8, 2019. AboutTraveling is Not Expensive. Which says that traveling will make you more updated about the world. Traveling is also the best way to enjoy the beauty of the world. And, to understand how to be grateful for the blessings of God Almighty.

Traveling is Not Expensive & Vacation With Low Cost?

Traveling is Not Expensive. The problem of traveling, I was really inspired by a Black and White talk show broadcast by a private Indonesian station. Where, featuring the resource person, a male foreigner who is married to an Indonesian woman. They travel the world in private cars departing from Jakarta.

By bringing the children. They traveled the world for about a year. They have explored approximately 35 countries on 5 continents. What’s interesting is that they actually want to explore more countries in the world. Because they have not been able to explore all hundreds of countries around the globe.

What meaning do they learn from Traveling is Not Expensive? That is, they can enjoy the beauty of the world in various ways. They can also mingle with the local people they visit.

In fact, they even got lost in an unknown area. However, the local people actually did good by helping to get on the right track. An experience that not everyone experiences. That is the wisdom and art of traveling.

When the family pressed by the host Deddy Corbuzier about the expense, they looked timid. In fact, I feel reluctant to say it. In fact, the costs incurred by the family were 25.000$ a month. So, the family spent approximately 300.000$ a year.

Is Vacation are for everyone?

Believe me “Traveling is Not Expensive”, Can Walk Around the world is everyone’s dream. In other words, traveling the world belongs to everyone. Everyone has the right to make it happen without exception. However, many people think that traveling the world is a hobby or an expensive job. Not only requires physically strong. However, it can spend a lot of money.

As the digital world develops in the millennial era. Also, various posts around the world have many people appearing on multiple timelines. Where displays beautiful views from different parts of the world. So, it stimulates many people to join in treading every moment of traveling.

Does Lifestyle Affect the Holidays?

Moreover, there is a change in the lifestyle of the millennial generation, aka the Age of Now. Shifting from a consumerist lifestyle towards the leisure economy. So, the millennial generation tends to spend time and money traveling the world.

There is an assumption that if Traveling is Not Expensive & millennials have enough money. And have to choose between buying a house and a walk. So, the answer to the majority of the millennial generation is to take the opportunity to take a step first.

That is why every tourist attraction both at home and abroad is improving itself. Present yourself as best you can with a millennial look. Like, making the name of a tourist attraction that is striking and colorful. In fact, many local governments in Indonesia are starting to explore the best possible tourist objects. And introduce it through social media channels.

Conclusion About Traveling is Not Expensive

I personally really like to take a walk. This is what makes me post, earn reviews, and articles on blogs or Youtube about travel. In fact, I dreamed of traveling the world. Moreover, the trip can be exciting content on my various social media.