April 19, 2024


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Selection of best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada

Top 5 Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada | Latest List 2022

Immigration consultants are partners and helpers who assist individuals in migration from one country to another. They guide you with full detailed information about different visas and assist you in selecting the beneficial option for you. 

You need to consider some points when choosing an immigration consultant in Dubai

  • Ensure that they have Expertise in consultancy 
  • Examine the reputation in the society 
  • Make sure they are certified or licensed
    • Please don’t be shy to ask queries and get their suggestion before making any decision 

Selecting the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada is an informed decision that should not be made unconsciously, do research and choose the best consultant for you. 

Before Choosing, Examine their Credentials 

When choosing an immigration consultant, confirming they have the proper credentials is important. It means you have to check if the consultant has experience working with immigration laws and procedures. 

Selecting the best consultant and ensuring they have valid credentials is essential. Examine the consultant’s working experience with other clients and immigration policies, laws and regulations. 

Moreover, also examine their license from the accredited organization. This process assists you with immigration issues. 

Could you take a look at their Expertise? 

First, examine their experience, how many years they have worked in immigration law and received certifications from accredited agencies. 

A considerable point to ask them is to show their working experience with other customers from diverse regions. Choose a consultant who has more information. This will make it easy for you to handle your case. 

Select the Consultant after the Reference 

Before selecting an immigrant consultant, you should gather all the details about different consultants accessible near you. You can do this only when you have an extensive social circle; otherwise, search from the different websites  

You can get help from:  

● Friends and family members who are known any reliable consultants 

● must ask the consultant what services they provide and get the fee structure. 

Evaluate their Reputation 

Another best way to select an immigration consultant is to evaluate the consultant’s reputation from the official websites, and you can read the client’s feedbacks who have tried the consultants. Otherwise, you can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora to examine the reviews for the best consultant services. 

Meet with Consultants 

In the meeting, you will ask about their experience, qualifications and what they can do for you. After meeting with several consultants, you can decide which consultant is best for you and their fee structure according to your balance.  

Ask About Their Experience 

It would help if you asked questions about your experience with the clients. Asking questions will also give you an opportunity to see how they can give high-quality services to you. Another factor is to ask about the preparation session, like interview preparation and command of language. 

Obtain the Written Contract 

It is important to get a written contract. This document will help you in your immigration journey with all services or the agreements between you and your consultants. Ensure that you get all the information before hiring the consultants involving the types of visas eligible for you, status of citizenship and other required documents. Having this precious information will assist in avoiding any confusion or delays during the process.