Latest Updates about the Thailand Pass - Expat Life in Thailand

Where can I find out my registration status?

Applicants can now check their registration status on Thailand Pass application after the company launched a major update. Your registration status can be tracked using an access code you receive after completing registration. Please make a note of it or take a screenshot for future reference. An access code will also be emailed to you. 

The approval of a request takes how long?

A registration must be submitted at least 7 days before the intended travel date. 30 countries/territories will automatically receive approval of their applications if they provide vaccine certificates to Thailand for use in processing their QR codes. In the case of others, the process may take up to seven days.

Is it possible to change my flight after I receive the Thailand Pass QR code?

Nevertheless, the new flight time must be within 72 hours of the original flight time registered with Thailand Pass. You will not need to replace your QR code, as long as all other required documents remain valid, such as your RT-PCR COVID test taken within 72 hours before the flight and the hotel reservation from the AQ or SHA+ hotels.

Can I apply for the whole family or group traveling with me in one application?

If you are traveling with your children as described below, then no.

  • You may add a child aged under 12 years to your parent’s registration if your travel scheme is No Quarantine (a.k.a. “Test and Go”). Each member of your family or group over the age of 12 must register separately.
  • Your travel scheme may include children under 18 in the parent’s registration if it is the Sandbox Program. Anyone over 18 in your family or group must register individually under this program.

For the Hotel and Insurance, can I submit multiple documents?

Applicants are currently only allowed to submit a one-page document (maximum two pages collated into one page). Your hotel confirmation letter should be one page long, and your insurance certificate should also be one page long. 

Upon arrival, you will receive a 1-page confirmation letter with your RT-PCR results. This package is only available at these hotels. That 1-page Letter of Confirmation from the hotel will contain all of the details that the Thai authorities need to issue the Thailand Pass.

Easy ways to apply for a Thailand Pass

The Thailand Pass is for both Thai and foreign nationals so that they can travel to Thailand smoothly and without causing any confusion for entry to the country. It is vital that you are aware of potential issues that can arise during the registration process of the Thailand Pass application in order to ensure that you have a memorable and wonderful trip to Thailand.

Thailand Pass applicants should also be aware of the importance of proper preparation. The application should be submitted several weeks before departure.  Please avoid running out of time.

Siam Legal International, a law firm in Thailand, can assist you in registering for your Thailand Pass and make your trip to the Land of Smiles much easier if you are having trouble using the Thailand Pass system.