April 19, 2024


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Personal Security Devices – Get Protected Using Non-Lethal Weapons

The situation, at any point of human history, could have never been as much ironical as it is now. Though we are at the peak of human civilization as we say, we have become, unfortunately, more vulnerable to crime than ever.

It is a real jeopardy that we live in one of the safest country as a whole, but at the personal level we are prone to get attacked by thieves and snatchers at any point of time. As a matter of fact, whatever the level of security system is, when it comes to protect individuals, the government is always helpless.

According to reports, every 10 seconds, an assault of some kind takes place around the entire of US. A burglary case is reported every 46 seconds. In general, almost 20 percent of population faces crimes of some kind or other. Amazingly, dog attacks too are frequent as more than 4 million dog bites are reported every year.

So what do we need? Do we think that every time we are attacked security personnel will come out as a messiah? No! No at all. It has to be dealt personally. Thus at this level, as a commoner, we need to take some necessary steps on our own to ensure our personal security buying some personal security products.

Pepper Spray : A pepper spray is a must to have, especially when you travel alone down the deserted streets. Its use can help you get rid of any possible attack whether by a thief or a dog which has gone wild. A simple spray can cause burn in the eyes and sneeze giving you ample time to run away to nearest police station. A capsicum spray is advisable for its lethality.

Bulletproof Backpack : Next time when your child steps out for school, don’t send him without a bulletproof backpack. Even you need to do the same when you plan to venture out traveling during summer vacations. Look out for the lighter versions.

Stun Gun : Unlike the pepper sprays which can be used from a safe distance, a stun gun is only effective, rather too effective, when you are within the hugging-distance of the attacker. The terrorizing electric shocks, coming out of this device, will make the attacker fall flat and go inactive in seconds. The effect lasts for almost 8-10 minutes. Enough time to run away, isn’t it?

Stun Baton : This too works on give-him-a-real-shock formula. Unlike stun guns, you can use it, from a safe and sufficient distance. Thanks to its long baton, made of metal, which comes with an electric shock head. You know what does a shock head mean.

Some Latest Entries :

Cell Phone Stun Gun : It is one of the many consumer-friendly innovations in the making of personal security devices. The specifically designed cell phone gives the attacker a real shocker giving high electric shocks. What happens next to it you know well.

Personal Security Alarm : Many times, despite having all the personal security devices, it might not be possible to act as expected. Out of fear, you freeze and you feel unable to shout. Here comes the personal security alarm to your rescue! It will shout and yell for you to call others. After few moments so will do the attacker.

So it is the high time you think about your personal security. So just make a quick trip to any law enforcement personnel supply store where you can get these devices. To know more details you can contact the nearest police station too. They will train you to use these devices.