6 Things You Need To Understand About Field Inspections

Inspectors have one of the most demanding jobs. From food safety inspections to construction inspections, inspectors are responsible for capturing regulatory compliance, recording code violations, and providing detailed reports backed by proof. Inspectors are in charge of ensuring public safety. Finally, inspection management often requires travel to inspection fields that are organized on tight inspection schedules. When it comes to making the work of inspectors more efficient and less stressful, serious thought has to be given.

A general way to optimize inspections is to replace outdated inspection systems with new ones. But what happens after that? How can optimization of inspection management be further supported after that?

Utilizing inspection management software not only eliminates paper from the work processes, but also makes scheduling inspections easier, fill out detailed reports faster, and covers more inspection sites in less time. Good inspection management software enables inspectors to inspect more while working less.

Using mobile devices for inspections

Inspectors who travel for field inspections find that Field inspection solution is beneficial in more ways than one. Cloud-based platforms for inspection management are beneficial to them because of their agility. So the benefits extend beyond the software application and include other uses as well – for example, the use of mobile devices.

Mobile devices are important for inspectors since they are often on the go. That is why they can use them for inspection purposes. The tablets allow them to record inspections, take pictures, make notes, etc. While on the move. Consequently, the usability of the inspection software becomes a very important factor when testing the solutions of different vendors.

The use of mobile devices for inspection management goes hand in hand with paperless workflows

A lot of paperwork is involved in inspections, especially those designed to ensure safety (food safety inspections, fire safety inspections, road safety inspections, playground safety inspections, etc.). Through inspection management software solutions like Canalix, the complexity of such inspection processes is greatly reduced.

Inspectors can eliminate the paper filling part of inspections by switching to an electronic environment with predefined inspection checklists that are optimized for the type of inspection being performed. Detailed information can be transmitted instantly to relevant collaborators. The best part is that no printing or reorganization of paper documents is needed.

Inspection scheduling in real-time for inspectors

Mistakes can occur when inspection schedules are printed. It is important that inspectors know their schedules in advance. It’s because of this that Canalix’s case allocation feature is so important. Calix automatically assigns cases to inspectors with the relevant skillsets and location based on a sophisticated AI complexity scoring algorithm. In the inspector’s electronic calendar, accessible from a tablet or smartphone, the allocation appears in real-time. The intelligent way of scheduling inspections reduces the risk of errors. Lastly, it improves inspection planning and enables inspectors to cover more ground with fewer resources.