July 22, 2024


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I packed for a weeklong cruise with just a carry-on and a backpack. Here are 10 items I’m glad I brought and 7 things I wish I had with me.

wonder of the seas ship docked on a cloudy day

The author packed for a weeklong cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world.Joey Hadden/Insider

  • I took my first cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever.

  • For the seven-night Caribbean cruise, I brought only a carry-on suitcase and a backpack.

  • I liked packing light but had some regrets. I wished I had earplugs and a bar of laundry detergent.

I recently took a seven-night cruise to the Caribbean with just a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. It was my first time traveling by cruise ship and while packing light made the trip easier, I did forget a few critical items.

Black carry-on suitcase and backpack on a wood floor with a white wall behind and a wooden dresser on the left

The author’s bags packed for her cruise.Joey Hadden/Insider

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One of the best things I packed was a magnet to help make my stateroom stand out amid a long hallway of identical blue doors …

The author is glad she brought a magnet

A magnet on the author’s door.Joey Hadden/Insider

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… But I wished I downloaded some movies and shows to watch on my phone in my room since the cruise Wi-Fi wasn’t strong enough for me to stream.

Netflix selections on a black iPhone with a white background

The author forgot to download movies.Joey Hadden/Insider

During my cruise, I enjoyed a few beach days. For long days in the sun, I was glad I packed sunscreen …

The author is glad she brought organic sunscreen

The author’s sunscreen.Joey Hadden/Insider

… However, I wished I had remembered to bring some aloe vera gel for the day I forgot to apply it and got burnt.

The author holds aloe vera gel

The author forgot aloe vera gel.Joey Hadden/Insider

Some beaches in the Caribbean, like Tulum, Mexico, don’t allow sunscreen in the ocean to protect wildlife, my excursion guide said. So, I was glad I brought a rash guard to protect my torso from the sun …

The author is glad she brought a rash guard

An arrow points to the author’s rash guard hanging up to dry.Joey Hadden/Insider

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… The ocean water was so clear that I wished I had brought a waterproof case for my phone to take pictures, too.

Clear waters at the beach in Tulum (L) and a waterproof phone case (R).

Clear waters at the beach in Tulum (L) and a waterproof phone case (R).Joey Hadden/Insider, Getty Images

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This sunhat also came in handy to block the sun …

The author is glad she brought a sun hat

The author wears a sunhat at a port.Joey Hadden/Insider

… But I wished I brought an adjustable cap for windy days on the top decks when my sunhat wouldn’t stay on my head.

The author reacts to wind on the top deck of the cruise ship (L) the back of the author's head with a cap on (R)

The author forgot to bring a cap for windier days.Joey Hadden/Insider

Even though the weather was hot during the day, this sweater came in handy for cool, windy nights and mornings …

The author is glad she brought a sweater

The author wears a sweater early in the morning.Joey Hadden/Insider

… But I only packed one pair of pants and had to wear them every night. I should have packed a couple more.

The author on an outdoor deck on the ship, an arrow points to her pants

The author wears the only pair of pants she brought.Joey Hadden/Insider

I wished I’d brought a bar of detergent to wash my clothes since I packed light and laundry services on the ship cost extra …

A hand washes orange towels with a bar of soap

The author didn’t bring detergent.Getty Images

… At least I brought the right shoes: sneakers for walking around ports and waterproof sandals for the pools and beaches.

The author is glad she brought two pairs of shoes

The author’s walking shoes (L) and waterproof shoes (R).Joey Hadden/Insider

Thankfully, I also remembered to bring a waist pack to carry a few things when I didn’t feel like lugging my backpack around.

The author is glad she brought a fanny pack

The author uses a smaller bag.Joey Hadden/Insider

I was also glad I brought a digital watch to keep on ship time, the time zone that cruise ships stick to even while docked at ports that are in different time zones.

The author is glad she brought a watch

The author wears a digital watch.Joey Hadden/Insider

I wanted to try my best to avoid illness and was glad I packed vitamins …

The author is glad she brought airborne immunity vitamins

The author brought vitamins.Joey Hadden/Insider

… and also medicine to combat motion sickness, which I experienced frequently.

The author is glad she brought Dramamine

The author remembered to pack Dramamine.Joey Hadden/Insider

More than anything, I wished I had earplugs to help me sleep during rough nights at sea, which sounded like thunder in my stateroom. It was especially loud since I was at the front of the ship, where seasoned cruisers said movement on ships feels the strongest. Next time, I’ll come prepared.

Red earplugs by plastic container on light wood table

Earplugs were the author’s most missed item.modustollens/Shuttershock

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