April 19, 2024


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How NOT to Design Vinyl Decals for Your Car?

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Custom-printed decals and stickers are incredible marketing tools. Attach them to your company vehicle. Drive the vehicle downtown. Thousands of people will see the custom-printed decals on your vehicle. If these decals feature your brand’s name, logo, contact info, etc., your company will receive incredible brand exposure in hours.

Repeat this process regularly, and your custom-printed vinyl stickers and decals will attract countless eyes to your brand. In 2021, several brands in the US increased their spending on traditional outdoor advertising materials. Traditional outdoor advertising tools like custom-printed car decals are popular because they work.

When Custom-Printed Decals Don’t Work

Not every vinyl decal can succeed in growing your brand. The incredible exposure your brand receives from these decals can also damage your brand. How? If your company’s custom decals and stickers are not well-designed, they’ll reflect poorly on your brand. That’s why designing vehicle decals and stickers in the right way are extremely important.

What’s the right way of designing vehicle decals and stickers? There are no right ways. Like with most advertising tools, only creatively designed vehicle decals and stickers succeed in capturing the audience’s attention. Apart from creativity, your decal’s design also needs to meet some basic standards of professionalism. Here are these standards –

How to Create Premium-Quality Decals

Follow these basic rules when buying, designing, and using your custom-printed decals –

  • Only buy and use decals made of high-quality vinyl. Decals made of sub-standard vinyl peel and fade very soon. Higher-grade vinyl stickers and decals can withstand years of scratches, rust, sunlight damage, and damages. More importantly, they look fresh and crisp at all times. No customer will ever look at your decals made of high-quality vinyl and think poorly about your brand.
  • Consider the vehicle you’re using. Vehicles are 3D objects with multiple curves, angles, and rounded areas. Take features into consideration when ordering your custom decals. Make sure your decals are of the right size to be spread across these surfaces. For example, a large decal may get cut off by a door seam. The graphics on such stretched or cut decals would be impossible to understand. Always make sure that your custom decals don’t get distorted by the features and shape of your vehicle.
  • Keep the messages short, precise, and simple. There’s not enough space on custom decals to print a long list of brand-related details. Plus, your target audiences are either drivers or pedestrians. They don’t have the time to read extensive marketing messages on moving decals or stickers either. That’s why the marketing messages on these decals need to be short, simple, and easy to read. To achieve this effect, use simple sans serif fonts (e.g., Arial, Helvetica, etc.) to compose all text messages. Most people find these fonts easy to read. Also, add design elements like bold borders or contrasting backgrounds to make the messages easier to read at a glance.

Follow these simple rules to create high-impact stickers and decals for your company vehicles. Well-designed car decals can get your business incredible brand exposure on a daily basis.