April 15, 2024


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Guide to Trading Items in Rocket League Including Advice on How to Avoid Being Scammed

Trading in Rocket League is an essential step in the process of giving your vehicle a stylish appearance. Sometimes the items you have stashed away aren’t going to cut it, and trading with other players and friends is one of the best ways to fill out your inventory when you’re in a pinch. The Compulsion Gel trail and the Wheatley antenna, which you have installed on the vehicle of your choice, may give off an eccentric vibe, but they are so 2011. The process of trading in Rocket League is very simple; therefore, if you follow along with us, we will demonstrate how to trade items in Rocket League.


What is the minimum level required to buy and sell items in Rocket League?

One of the most exciting aspects of Rocket League is the ability to buy and sell items with other players. However, there are some prerequisites. Discover more information, including the required skill level, by consulting our helpful Rocket League Guide.

When it was released in the middle of summer in 2015, Rocket League caused quite a stir in the gaming community, and it’s safe to say that it’s still making waves. The game’s popularity among both casual and competitive players continues to rise as a result of its combination of simple gameplay mechanics and what appears to be an infinitely high skill ceiling. The extensive variety of cosmetic items it offers also contributes an additional layer of mystery to the overall experience. Due to the manner in which these items are dropped, certain players may never have the chance to obtain certain items. People are able to acquire cosmetics in Rocket League that they otherwise would not be able to get their hands on thanks to the fact that the game supports the trading of Rocket League items for sale.

Trading in Rocket League is a fairly straightforward process; however, in order for a player’s account to be considered eligible for trading, it is necessary for them to meet a set of minimum requirements first. The game’s developer, Psyonix, is responsible for implementing these requirements in order to guarantee that the trading experience is risk-free for all players. These requirements can be as simple as enabling two-factor authentication or as complex as reaching a certain XP level with your account.

What is the minimum level required to buy and sell items in Rocket League?

It is required that you reach XP Level 30 before you can participate in trades with your Rocket League account. Players can earn experience points for their accounts by competing against other real players online or by taking on computer-controlled opponents offline. Before a Rocket League account can be used for trading, it must first fulfill a number of additional requirements. Your Epic Games account needs to have two-factor authentication enabled and set up before you can use it.

In addition, players are required to have spent at least 500 credits or its equivalent (such as Esports Tokens or a Starter Pack, for example) to participate. Accounts that were used to play Rocket League prior to the release of the Free to Play Update are exempt from this particular requirement. In the end, an account needs to have a total of fifty minutes of playtime accumulated from participating in online matches before it can be traded.

You are only allowed to trade items with a player who is also using the same platform as you. For instance, Xbox players are restricted to conducting business only with other Xbox players. It is required that you have played on each platform account linked to your Epic Games account for a total of fifty minutes before you can trade using that platform account. Additionally, there are some trading limits on accounts that are directly tied to the XP Level. There is a cap of 2,000 credits per trade and a limit of ten trades per day for player accounts from level 30 all the way up to level 99. All player accounts with a level 100 or higher have access to unlimited daily trades and a maximum credit limit of 10,000 per trade. Accounts with a level of 250 or higher allow for an unlimited number of daily trades and have a limit of 100,000 Rocket League credits per transaction.

Rocket League’s guide to buying and selling items.
The process of trading items in Rocket League is one that is both easy and enjoyable to complete. If you want to play with your friends outside of the game on PS4, Xbox One, or Steam, all you have to do is go to the main menu and begin a party, just like you would if you wanted to play with them inside the game.

Once the party has been created, invite whoever you want to trade with into the party. When you hover your mouse over their name and click it, you will see a button that says “invite to trade.”If you hit that prompt, you will be taken to a different screen where you will be able to view the items that are currently in your inventory once they have accepted your offer.

Choose the items you want to show your trading partner, and if you’re not talking to them over voice chat, make good use of the chat system to barter and negotiate the terms of the trade. If you’re not talking to them over voice chat, select the items you want to show them. When you are satisfied with the terms of the trade, click the accept button. If you and the other player are on the same page, you should receive a confirmation, then the trading screen will disappear, and you will be given the items you requested. Straightforward and spotless!

How to make smart decisions when trading in Rocket League
This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re trading with friends, but as with any online in-game economy, there are scammers hiding in the weeds ready to cheat you out of your best items if you’re not careful. If you’re trading with friends, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

To combat this, there are some necessary precautions that need to be taken. To begin, you should never agree to a trade before first conducting an exhaustive analysis of the deal. Be sure to quickly scan the offering and scroll down before you accept the trade if you are going to be exchanging a large number of items. To pull off a common con, players will stuff the offering box with useless items before sneakily removing something significant and valuable from the box at the most inopportune moment.

Also, avoid giving credence to con artists who claim they can replicate items. Instead, look up price lists online and get involved in the economy so you won’t end up selling your valuable possessions for a few crates. Check out the Rocket League Exchange subreddit or the Steam forums if you need to make a serious transaction involving a large number of expensive items. You may be able to locate a reliable third party there.