April 19, 2024


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Famous Culinary Tourism Destinations in Indonesia

A vacation is incomplete if you don’t have a culinary tour. Indonesia is one of the countries rich in signature dishes and culinary, including the largest coffee producer. Indonesian coffee beans have been recognized worldwide for their taste and quality.

Not only in the field of coffee, but Indonesia has many advantages in other culinary fields. Many Indonesian specialties are well known to foreign countries. To find out what types of dishes and beverages in Indonesia, let’s visit these cities where culinary tourism is unique.

Cities in Indonesia as Famous Culinary Tourism Destinations

Each region always has its own unique dishes, including several cities in Indonesia. Many signature dishes, restaurants with the best taste, and souvenirs in many cities are listed below.

Here are some recommendations for famous culinary tourism destinations in Indonesia that are suitable for those of you who like food travel:

  1. Medan

Medan is one of the cities with prevalent culinary tourism because there are many choices of the best dishes there. Favourite dishes in Medan City include gomak noodles served with peanut sauce and rice cake sauce.

There is also Medan lontong (rice cake) served with noodles, vegetable gravy, tauco, crackers, and peanut sauce. Besides that, the duck vermicelli is even more famous in Medan. For souvenirs, you can find processed food durian and Sidikalang coffee, the king of coffee in Sumatra.

  • Bandung

Not only a fashion city, but Bandung is also a city that is considered a culinary paradise. There are so many famous foods and snacks in the city of Bandung. For example, tutug oncom rice, serabi snacks, gempol bread, brownie block cakes, and many cheap snacks such as cilok, cimol, batagor, and cilor.

  • Makassar

Let’s move on to the Central Indonesia region in Makassar City. The cuisine in this city is rich with spices. For example, Coto Makassar, konro soup, es palu butung, banang-banang cake, and bagea cake as signature dishes from the famous Makassar City.

  • Palembang

Every time we hear the name Palembang City, what comes to mind is the typical food of Pempek. Pempek Palembang is made from real mackerel fish which has a distinctive taste, plus the savory cuko sauce.

Another famous soup in Palembang is tekwan. You can also try Palembang’s fresh red bean ice, and bring home a cake with a unique name, Kue 8 Jam (8 hours cake). It is an ancient noble cake, which, as the name implies, takes 8 hours to make. So Palembang not only has pempek, but there are also many other special dishes that you can taste.

Of the many choices of dishes in several culinary cities in Indonesia, which one do you want to taste the most? Visit the city now for a culinary tour!