September 24, 2023


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Exploring the Majestic Landscapes of Mount Bromo and Ijen

Bromo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in East Java. The Bromo Ijen tour will take you to Mount Bromo and Ijen, one of the famous active volcanoes in Indonesia and also the largest sea of sand on earth, known as “Sea of Sand” or “Lautan Pasir”. In addition to these sights you can see the sunrise at Mount Bromo.

Bromo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in East Java, Indonesia. It is an active volcano and the caldera is a popular site for trekking. Bromo can be reached by car or bus, but it’s better to go there with a guide who knows how to get you across safely without any troubles. Mount Ijen is located at the foot of Mount Merapi in Indonesia’s most active volcanic region, Lake Toba. The sulfur mining operation at Ijen Crater produces over 2 million tons annually, making it one of the largest single volcanogenic sulfur deposits in the world


The Bromo area is a popular tourist destination in East Java, Indonesia. It is known for its volcanoes Mount Bromo and Batok (also called Gunung Batok). The area also contains Mount Pananjakan, Mount Semeru (the highest volcano in Indonesia), and other mountains such as Mount Patuha and Mount Widodaren.

Bromo is sacred to the Javanese people who believe it to be the home of their deity Mahameru.[1] The name “Bromo” comes from Javanese word “bromo” which means “eater”. According to legend, King Sisingamangaraja XII was hunting deer in Mt. Pananjakan when he saw a big python eating his prey at nightfall.[2] The king shot an arrow at it but missed; instead of killing it, he only wounded its neck slightly so that whenever someone walks by there would always be blood on his clothes.[3]

Mount Ijen

Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive substance that can cause severe burns. Sulfuric acid is also known as oil of vitriol, battery acid and dilute sulfuric acid. The name comes from the Latin word “vitriolum,” meaning “sulfur” and “spirit.”

Mount Ijen is Indonesia’s largest active volcano and the most active in Java Island. It has been erupting continuously since 1933, with its most recent eruption occurring on September 9th 2018 when it spewed volcanic ash up to 1 km (0.62 miles) into the air; this caused flight cancellations at Surabaya Airport due to poor visibility conditions.

Ijen Crater Volcano

Ijen Crater Volcano is a volcano in East Java, Indonesia. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, with frequent eruptions producing lava flows and ash emissions. The blue flames are caused by burning sulfuric gasses, which are emitted from the crater.

The Ijen Crater is famous for its turquoise water that has high acidity and contains arsenic compounds (arsenic trioxide). The water also contains hydrogen sulfide gas that can be hazardous if inhaled directly at high concentrations or if it comes into contact with skin or eyes.

Finally, you will visit an area where there are many hot springs filled with boiling water (around 80 degrees Celsius). These hot springs are surrounded by clouds of steam coming out from cracks in rocks below them; this makes it look like there’s something alive inside those cracks!

Ijen tour from Bali

You can also choose to join an Ijen tour from Bali, Surabaya or Yogyakarta. If you don’t have enough time to visit Bromo and Ijen together, then why not start with Bromo? There are many things to do in this region. You can explore the Gunung Batu area or go hiking at Mount Penanjakan which is located near Cemoro Lawang village where you can see sunrise at Gunung Bromo if weather permits.

One of the most beautiful sceneries in indonesia

The Bromo Ijen tour is one of the most beautiful sceneries in indonesia. This natural wonder has attracted many tourists from around the world, and it’s a must visit for any traveler who wants to see something different and unique.

This is a great tour to see the most beautiful sceneries in indonesia.