December 4, 2023


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Cruise Ship Travel Tips You Must Know!

These travel tips will really help those of you who have dreams of trying to travel by cruise ship. Cruise ship tourism is not very popular in Indonesia. The Indonesian people are more familiar with airplane transportation or four-wheeled vehicles long distance travel. Therefore, many Indonesians are confused and do not know how to be able to travel by cruise ship.

Cruise travel tips will be a topic that Bob will discuss on this occasion to answer your curiosity about cruise ships. In fact, cruise ship tours are quite popular and in demand in several other countries. Several Hollywood films often use cruise ship backgrounds in their filming. One of the famous and legendary films set on a cruise ship is the film Titanic.


Did you know that there are several advantages to traveling on a cruise ship over other forms of transportation? Cruise ships are often used as travel tips to visit small islands that are not reached by airplanes and also stop at beautiful beaches away from the city crowd. Several cruise ship companies offer cruise ship tour packages, one of which is to Jakarta.

In general, this cruise ship tour package consists of airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and cruise ship fees. Some cruise ship companies usually offer travel times ranging from 3 days to over 1 month. One such cruise ship travel package route cruise Singapore – Jakarta only takes about 2 days 3 nights trip. Bob will discuss information about travel tips on a cruise ship as follows!

Cruise Travel Tips: Read Information Well

The first cruise tip for you to do is study the cruise ship package of your choice. If this is your first chance to travel on a cruise ship, Bob highly recommends that you frequent browsing on the internet to find out the conditions of your chosen cruise ship. The room positions on a cruise ship will generally be divided into even and odd.

Cruise travel tips start with knowing that generally the right side of the ship is an odd numbered room and vice versa. This information is important for you to know because many people get lost when leaving the room and are confused when they want to return to the room.

Travel tips with the next cruise ship is to do passenger drill on the first day before the ship sailedassenger drillthis is a mandatory rule that you must follow. P.assenger drill iThis contains several commands and information that will be conveyed over the loudspeaker such as information about numbers life boat you.

This is conveyed so that you know where to go when passenger drill take place. No need to worry about confusion because there will be many crew member who will help you. That way you will know more about the cruise ship you are riding on.

Cruise Travel Tips: Beware of seasickness

Tips for traveling with the next cruise ship are that you must understand that this tour is indeed different. Unlike traveling by land and via air, traveling on a cruise ship has its own challenges. In fact you will be at sea for several days before reaching port certain. If you are someone who tends to get motion sickness a lot when traveling far, then you must be aware of the possibility of seasickness.

But you don’t need to worry too much because cruise ship management in general has provided hangover drugs or sea ​​sick pill to anticipate this situation. Travel tips on cruise ships that you must remember are to always keep your body fit and don’t eat late and have enough rest.

When you feel nauseous and tired of being on a cruise ship, remember that you have the opportunity to stop in several countries on the way. This privilege of stopping in several countries is one of the things that cruise ship tours offer and that other tours don’t.

Cruise Ship Travel Tips: Prepare Clothes

Travel tips with the next cruise ship are about the readiness of the clothes you will bring and wear. Given that you will spend quite a long time during your tour, you will change your clothes quite often every day. To minimize the amount of clothes you carry, usually most cruise ship passengers change their clothes at least twice a day. Divided into different clothes for the day and night.

Some cruises provide facilities for washing clothes that you can take advantage of. Therefore, travel tips on a cruise ship that you can apply is to bring clothing fragrances. You can also bring a small fragrant detergent to wash in the sink if absolutely necessary. If you choose a cruise ship that sails in cold weather like Alaska, make sure to bring warm clothes or sweater a little bit more.

The next cruise ship travel tip is to prepare a formal outfit for dinner if you want to try a luxurious dinner experience on a cruise ship. Choose clothes that have polyester, rayon, and spandex knit fabrics so that your clothes won’t wrinkle easily and don’t take up much space in your suitcase. The next travel tip is to choose clothes that are easy to fold and comfortable to wear.

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Cruise Ship Travel Tips: Bring Items You Can Bring Yourself

Don’t let you find it difficult to carry a lot of your luggage. You can make your life easier while traveling on a cruise ship by limiting your baggage. Just bring one suitcase and one carrying bag, so that your trip is easier. This will certainly reduce flight costs and reduce the possibility of losing luggage. Your cabin will also look tidier when you don’t carry too many suitcases and bags.

Have you answered your curiosity about travel tips on cruise ships? Hopefully these travel tips on cruise ships are useful and help you draw up vacation plans you well and mature. If your budget is not sufficient to be able to try the experience of traveling on a cruise ship, you don’t need to be sad. Travel tips that you can try to apply is to do staycation in a comfortable and charming inn!

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