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4 Reasons Rowo Jombor in Klaten Worth a Visit

KOMPAS.com – Klaten Regency in Central Java has several natural tourism options. Starting from the umbul (natural bath), to the view from the top of the hills.

One of the natural tourist attractions that can be visited is Rowo Jombor. The reservoir is located in Krakit Village, Bayat District.

Rowo Jombor is surrounded by beautiful hills. Beautiful natural scenery will make your energy recharge.

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Then, what makes these tourist attractions attractive. Here are 4 reasons why Rowo Jombor is worth a visit Kompas.com summarized from various sources, Saturday (8/8/2020):

1. Can take a boat around the reservoir

Rowo Jombor has an area of ​​approximately 198 hectares. To get around it, tourists can take advantage of the tour boats rented by Rowo Jombor managers.

To rent it, per person is charged IDR 10,000. However, this price is only for tourists who want to rent a boat with nine other people.

The best time to board a sightseeing boat is in the morning or evening, and when the weather is sunny. This is so that visitors do not travel in the middle of the sun.

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In addition, the surrounding scenery which is covered in the morning or evening sun makes it an interesting photo object.

When getting on the boat, don’t forget to be careful and not littering. If you’re lucky, maybe you can see Mount Merapi.

2. Can enjoy the natural scenery

While wading through the reservoir by boat, tourists can enjoy the natural scenery that Rowo Jombor has to offer.

This reservoir is surrounded by hills that stretch as far as the eye can see. There are also beautiful trees on the edge of the reservoir.

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If you visit in the afternoon, tourists can enjoy the view of the sunset that reflects its light on the Rowo Jombor water surface.

3. Can take pictures on a tour boat

In general, some natural attractions such as beaches, reservoirs, or lakes may rent canoes for tourists who want to get around.

For Rowo Jombor, there is a large enough tourist boat that can accommodate dozens of people in one go.

The tour boat is in such a way as to make it more attractive. In fact, tourists can take photos in photo spots on the boat.

4. Can eat at the floating stall

In addition to offering the charm of reservoirs and beautiful natural scenery, Rowo Jombor also has unique culinary spots that might make tourists’ vacation experiences even more interesting.

That’s because these culinary spots are several floating stalls built using bamboo and drums.

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To go to the floating stall area, tourists must ride a raft that is pulled by the tourist attractions. There is also a floating shop on the edge of the lake.

When visiting, tourists can choose a variety of dishes, such as pomfret, catfish, and carp which are grilled or fried.

The sensation of enjoying Rowo Jombor’s specialties in a floating stall might be different from other culinary places.

If you want to visit Rowo Jombor, the ticket price is IDR 5,000 per person. The easiest route to get there is to start from Klaten Square.

The distance from Klaten Square to Sidoguro Hill is 7.7 kilometers (km) and takes about 17 minutes by car.

From the square, tourists only need to pass through Klaten Station and the Taman Anggrek Buntalan housing estate. Then you can walk straight along the main route until you pass SD Negeri 1 Jimbung.

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Furthermore, not far from the school there is an intersection after the workshop. You can turn right past the Jimbung Market, Jimbung Village Square, and Sidoguro Hill until you finally arrive at Rowo Jombor.

During the pandemic, visitors must comply with Covid-19 prevention health protocols, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap, maintaining distance, and not traveling if they have a fever.